Rio Salado Audubon Wedding – Erin & AJ

Okay, this post is about a wonderful wedding.

It’s also about pups. Oh my gosh. (Our gosh? How do plurals work when we collaborate? Oh, man.  We’re getting off-topic here.)

Seriously, though. Erin and AJ had their wedding at a nature preserve near the heart of Downtown Phoenix, Rio Salado Audubon, and that theme of nature ran through the entire shindig, from the botanicals surrounding everyone to Erin & AJ’s dog Lucy standing guard to Lucy’s custom collar adorned with tiny flowers and gorgeous gemstones.

It was a warm and sunny day, which doesn’t sound unusual considering Arizona is known for the 100-plus-degree heat, but the week leading up to AJ and Erin’s wedding day was pretty chilly for us Phoenicians! We’re glad for the warmth: Erin looked stunning in her classic, chic white wedding dress, but with dresses comes airflow, so we’re glad the sun warmed things up to make sure the bride was comfortable during her own wedding.

What a wedding it was, too. The desert landscape provided a perfect backdrop for AJ and Erin’s first look, and the grin on AJ’s face when he told Erin she did a great job picking out her dress was nothing short of adorable. Both Erin and AJ wrote their own vows, a gesture both sweet and romantic. AJ vowed that he would always be there for Erin, through thick and through thin, through health and through sickness, through all of Lucy’s mishaps (and her good moments, too: AJ promised to support Lucy alongside Erin!). Amidst Lucy’s tiny cries for her mom and dad, Erin smiled and told AJ that she was so, so lucky to be marrying him… and that he was lucky to be marrying her in such a fun way.

As much as we talk about weddings being about the couples, they’re a little bit about their loved ones, too. We like to think you can understand someone better by observing who they keep around, and we got one big thing from this group: fun. Not only was the wedding outside in a gorgeous garden, but after the ceremony, people were up and dancing before dinner was even served. AJ’s groomsmen even performed a full-on lip sync to the Backstreet Boys’ classic “I Want It That Way,” and between the food and the vows and the dancing, you could really tell that the people AJ and Erin hold dear truly love them and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Especially because we’re pretty sure we saw the groomsmen tear up at Erin’s gift to AJ. Before the ceremony they spent their time cracking jokes and teasing each other, but when AJ opened the adorable card, bottle of great booze, and a classy watch, the groomsmen definitely got misty-eyed.

Erin’s group did, too, when they found out AJ gifted Erin Celine Dion tickets.

You can really tell this group loves each other.

And that’s the big thing: love, in all its forms.

Thank you, Erin and AJ, for letting us be a part of your lives. We can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you.


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