Papago Park Engagement – Rachel & Anthony

Stop what you’re doing for a moment..

Take a deep breath.

Now, picture a waterfall, mist all around you, crashing down into warm, clear cerulean water. All around you are towering tropical trees, the sun shining down, layers of pink and beige and clay red rock rising around you.

Havasu Falls.

Okay, they weren’t quite tropical trees, but that doesn’t matter: this place is downright gorgeous, and Rachel and Anthony knew it was perfect for that special moment. Rachel turned, and saw a couple nearby mid-proposal, and mentioned to Anthony–joking–that she thought he was going to do that. She thought that was the end of the conversation.

Until Anthony planned another trip there.

And on that second trip, right in front of the falls themselves, Anthony made Rachel’s wish come true.

We talk about magical proposals and couples a lot here on our blog, but each of them has an enchantment all their own. In this case, Rachel and Anthony are completely in love, and fun to be around. Ever since they met in Indiana, they’ve been inseparable, even when in the great outdoors: these two love to hike! Seeing Rachel braving the rugged terrain during our shoot while wearing her adorable pale-pink strappy heels was an exercise in wonder: you can really tell she loves hiking and traveling with how confident she is, even in the most intimidating of shoes!

Did we mention that that dusty rose color is part of their wedding itself? Like the walls of the Grand Canyon, we’re sure it will make for a magnificent backdrop for the property in Cave Creek that these two found, with rustic decor and lush greenery covering the tables. The trees there are just as tall as the ones that Anthony proposed among, and it’s the perfect setting for them to say their vows. We can’t wait to see it this May! With these two outdoor-loving lovebirds, the property was the obvious choice, and it won’t be anything short of spectacular. We’re honored to be a part of their wedding, and we just wish we could photograph their honeymoon in Thailand and Bali too!

Rachel and Anthony, congratulations. We’re honored to be part of your special day, and we can’t wait to see how it all comes together. We know it’ll be gorgeous.

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