Sunset Point Anniversary – Monique & Dominic

Happy Sunday, everyone! The holidays are here, the weather is cold (well, as cold as it gets here in Phoenix), and it seems like the air is infused with good cheer.

Speaking of Fridays, just over a year ago, on a Friday, we wrote about Monique and Dominic. They’d been featured here before for Monique’s bridal shower, but this was a bit more special: they got full-on married!

When we covered their wedding, we talked about how much fun Dominic and Monique are, how much joy radiates from between them no matter where they are or who they’re with. Good news: that hasn’t changed a bit. Some people start out a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera–something about the lens pointing at you feels like laser focus–but there’s nothing like that with these two. We’re always astounded at how Monique and Dominic are perfect together. It’s not them as people that’s surprising, either: it’s the absolute ease.

Like we said, joy radiates from them.

The last two times we were able to work with them were in much more structured settings: a home and a wedding venue. This time around, we chose something completely different, a wide-open field that stretched out all around them. Sunset Point is a gorgeous area that doesn’t even look like something you’d find in a desert. It’s a great place for photoshoots. The blue sky above makes the field feel bigger than it is, and it’s perfect for evoking eternity, especially with lovebirds as happy as Monique and Dominic.

They might not have sang Say You Won’t Let Go, but Monique and Dominic definitely had a blast during the shoot. Fun is the operative word when they’re around. Even during low-key times, during business meetings, during serious discussions, the two of them together have a way of tempering everything and making it seem that if they can be together and happy, then everyone can find that too.

Okay, that sounds a little selfish. This is, after all, about them, not what they make others feel. Them together? Pure happiness. Just look.

Relationships can be a lot of hard work. Even the best of them take effort sometimes. Monique and Dominic make it seem easy, and honestly? That’s something to strive for.

As life goes on, we know Dominic and Monique will do everything in their power to keep that love flame lit. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them.

Well…we know what’s next for them! But, we won’t spoil the photos for you.

Monique, Dominic: you guys have made it a year into marriage! Congratulations! We’re so, so happy for you! We just can’t wait to see you both again in the near future!


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