McCormick Ranch Golf Club Wedding – Marinda & Jamie

Picture it. A close-knit family, full of love and admiration, nothing but support, gathering at grandmother’s house for a special occasion. It wasn’t a holiday, not a birthday, but a wedding. Marinda’s wedding. She and her bridesmaids got ready together at Marinda’s grandmother’s house, the family home transformed into a staging area for one of the most important days the family would face. It was touching to see the bridal party together in a space so treasured. Among the champagne and hors d’oeuvres, between the maid of honor and her mother and other loved ones, Marinda was the picture of calm and refreshed.

Even when she finished pulling up the elegant vintage-inspired laced gown, modest train and lacy off-shoulder caps and all, Marinda was unruffled. It’s the kind of calm you want everyone to feel when they get married: it’s a huge occasion, a happy one, one to treasure for the rest of your life. Marinda’s braided hair framed her glowing smile perfectly. She looked amazing.

McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, was home to Marinda and Jamie’s wedding. Decked out in accents of cranberry-red, it was quite a vision for such a special occasion. Giant open doors and crystal-clear windows overlooked the golf course, the grass spreading out into infinity beyond the wedding. Though we normally do first looks for the soon-to-be brides and grooms we work with, this time around, we also did one in the McCormick Ranch courtyard for the entire bridal party! All of Marinda’s bridesmaids stood in the open courtyard, waiting for their own glance. Marinda walked through the door in her full wedding regalia, and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight. We caught some of the best reactions, and we’re pretty sure these are going to be lifelong memories.

A quick curl touch-up, and Marinda was ready for her first look with Jamie. You could tell there was plenty of excitement, Jamie and his groomsmen sharing cocktails over toasts that looked back on their treasured friendships. Wedding gifts were exchanged, friendships solidified by such a momentous day. They got their coats on, every detail perfect, and Jamie decided he’d bring something to make the occasion even more special. Hidden in his coat, hidden as something close to his heart, Jamie had his coat bespoke, the silk liner printed with photos of him and Marinda, years of sweet sentiments, of growth, of true love distilled onto this all-important garment.

It was time. Marinda was tucked away with her bridesmaids, sharing their own moment, and we brought Jamie round to his waiting spot. His back to the door, we could see him fidget just a little bit, the excitement apparent on him. Mere feet behind him, the door opened slowly, Marinda approaching with a glowing grin, every bit as excited, as smitten with him as he with her. It was time: Jamie turned, and a single word fell from his lips: “Wow.” She took his breath away. He was speechless.

Jamie and Marinda shared sweet kisses through teary eyes, the moment filled with magic, and Jamie pulled back his coat to show his silk surprise. Marinda’s smile grew, something we didn’t think was possible with how happy she already was.

With family and friends arriving, Marinda and Jamie used part of their first look to greet their dearest of loved ones. Soon enough, though, it was time for them to disappear, to take those deep breaths and prepare themselves for this next part of forever.

The flower girl traipsed down the aisle, sprinkling cranberry rose petals across the path to prepare for Marinda’s arrival. Marinda appeared, and the petals were a perfect pop of color that contrasted against her dress, gathering as she took step after step after step to the altar, to Jamie, to speak her vows into being in front of those most important to her.

Touching speeches followed, the maid of honor and the best man and Jamie’s sisters and Marinda’s father choking back proud, happy tears. Traditions abound with a garter toss, a bouquet toss, and the cutting of the cake, but there’s nothing quite like speaking from the heart about someone you care so much about.

Weddings aren’t all about the touching, though: the full spectrum of emotions is always on display, and that held true for Marinda and Jamie, who boogied the night away alongside their guests, the great music leading to a great time.

Where rice or bubbles make for fun exits at the end of the night, Marinda and Jamie had a little more flash to theirs: sparklers, their light flames visually stunning, making the end of the night one for the record books. It truly was a special way to end a wonderful wedding.

Marinda and Jamie, we feel so lucky to have worked with you. The way you two floated through your wedding day with nothing but grace and love and light was absolutely perfect. Congratulations!


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