Heritage Square Engagement – Amy & Rob

Some couples get engaged super quickly. They go on a trip, they see happy couples, get swept up in their love and make a decision that will make their lives even happier than they thought possible.

Others take much longer, letting the slow burn of learning one another blossom into passion, into commitment, into marriage. Whether it’s fast or slow, true love always finds a way.

Some couples get engaged right in between, and that’s where we find Amy and Rob: six years in, and they’re still every bit as in love as at the beginning. He’s in real estate, and she’s becoming a lawyer: can you say power couple?

We joke, but these two are such a good match for each other, confident in themselves and each other and their livelihoods. What started as a first date at the Tuck Shop in downtown Phoenix transformed into a years long romance. Amy and Rob love trying new food, so starting at the Tuck Shop was a perfect fit for their six-year adventure together.

Fast-forward to May 2018. Amy and Rob had taken some time in Denver, and Rob had a little piece of magic burning a hole in his pocket: the all-important ring. He’d been trying to put together a trip to Sedona for a perfect proposal, but there was a piece of bad news–the place he’d had in mind went out of business. Having bought the ring ages ago, Rob was definitely a bit disappointed, but he knew there would be an even better opportunity, something that’s more perfect for him and Amy.

So he brought Amy back from Denver, back from the mountains into the desert, and the two of them settled in to watch Prince Harry’s royal wedding. Celebrity guests and television broadcasts abound, Amy cracked a joke: “Let’s have David Beckham and Elton John at our wedding.” If Prince Harry could do it, why couldn’t they?

Rob realized in that moment it was time. Not because of Prince Harry, not because of celebrity or high-profile romance, but because there was an opening for something quiet and sweet and silly and one hundred percent perfect. His response? “You’ll have to get engaged first.”

Amy cocked her head, and turned from the television to look at Rob, and then realized he had something in his hand: the ring.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Congrats, Amy and Rob! Can’t wait to see you two again in 2020!


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