Tis the season…to be with loved ones.

It’s been another year: we’ve reached the holiday season for 2019! We finished our last mini session of the year, and it was a perfect way to end such a busy time in our lives. 2019 was so full of new couples, new relationships, and balancing family time with business time, and really, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Though the year’s not quite over, this mini session was an amazing end to holiday family shoots. There’s something about the Christmas season that really makes things feel a lot more tender, and we don’t think it’s just the marketing!

Mini sessions are a blast for us. Every kind of shoot is enjoyable, but mini family shoots is absolutely fascinating because we get to work with families at a variety of stages of life. We got to work with newly started families, families with loved ones that have been together and established for a while, all the way up to couples and families with 39 years of marriage. Seeing the way that we humans couple up and make each other feel loved is truly amazing.

We can’t help but treasure those family bonds, not just because they give us hope and make us happy that the world keeps turning and people do their best to support one another, but because they also make us reflect on our family bonds. They’re a reminder of why we do what we do: for our loved ones, and for all of our clients. We do this to help make memories, to provide lasting mementos of happy times. Family is the most important thing to us during the holidays.

Thank you, everyone, for reminding us of that each and every year. We’re truly lucky to be able to work with each and every one of you. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


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