Better Late Than Never! New Year’s Resolution

Hello, readers! We were originally going to publish this post, well, around New Year’s; then we decided it’d be a great post to start our new brand, new blog with!

Today’s post is going to be a little short–we’ve already mentioned that the year has gone by (and well into 2020 now), so we figured it might be best not to talk all y’all’s ears off. 😉

Seriously, though. 2019 has come and gone, and now we’re firmly into 2020. It’s a brand-new decade that’s full of possibilities for everyone. It’s common to make resolutions to bring into the new year, to make the decision to do something you have put off or always wanted to do. We’re no exception! (Speak for yourself! haha -Editor)

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, a lot of them boil down to making our lives less hectic. Where one person might resolve to climb a mountain or stop drinking or something else that’s a big project, a lot of ours are smaller things, tweaks to life that can be hard to stick with.

(Okay, it’s hard to figure out how exactly to phrase this from a group point of view and make it make sense… so we’re going to have Alli and Jo speak individually! -Editor)


I have so many resolutions for 2020. I didn’t realize how many decisions I had made until I was writing them down, but I guess it’s good for a new decade. A new decade is a big change, so what better time is there to make smaller changes that will contribute in a big way to my life? 

We might have fibbed a little up above about everything being smaller tweaks: I really want to do a home makeover. It won’t be as big as an HGTV show, but I want to make a space that helps me manage my time like a boss while also being a comfortable place for my family. I’m already working on refinishing my coffee table, and bit by bit, more wall decor is getting put up. I think I want to paint, too, really refresh the area without something that requires carpentry and an architect.

Everything else, though? That’s all smaller things. Together, they’ll make a huge impact, from staying on top of my to-do list (less stress) to making better decisions with my health (so I can be active with and around for my kids) to trying meal prep again (to make better decisions with my health!). Connections, too. I’m trying to make mental health a priority, and meeting new people is a huge part of that, especially outside of work. I want to feel like a well rounded person. I’m a mother and a photographer, but I’m also Alli. Alli needs to connect with others and to focus on education. Alli wants to excel. (I’ll stop speaking in third person now.)


Soooo. This is going to sound a lot like Alli’s. I’m not copying her, I promise! I’m not doing a lot of home renovation (although my fireplace has been de-tiled for a while now…), but I do want to KonMari my home so I can feel less discombobulated. It sounds really self-helpy, but for me, clutter in my home is clutter in my mind. Plus, it makes it harder to take care of Tristan, so that’s another huge reason to organize everything. I just gotta take it one step at a time so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming!

I’m going to work on education, too. I want to learn more about how other businesses run, about how other photographers work, and all sorts of other things. Not even for work, but to make me feel more well-rounded. I have 2 courses I’m already taking, so hopefully I can get through them and take more. Being well-rounded is important, so it’s not going to be all about education. I really want to meet more new people and be more outgoing to help me with that. It won’t necessarily be something that’s out of my comfort zone, but it’ll be nice to make new friendships in general, you know?

Otherwise, the theme of 2020 for me is self-care. I’m going to make better health decisions, to get back to the gym and really make sure that I’m taking care of my body as a whole. Time management is important when you’re self-employed, so that’s going to be another big thing: I’ll have me time, I’ll have Tristan time, and I’ll have work time. Plus, I want to improve on my relationships with my loved ones: it’s nourishing. (I also want to read 100 books this year. Did I mention me time? I definitely want some me time.)

(And back to Jo and Alli together! -Editor)

This got longer than we expected. Not so short, huh? Regardless, we’re glad that you guys have been here alongside us. We couldn’t have made it to 2020 without you. Do you want to share any of your own resolutions with us?

Happy New Year!

~Jo & Alli

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