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During a time like this, we have to rely on our families for support. If you’re reading this in the future, it’s April 2020, and the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point in time, many areas of the United States are being asked to stay home as much as possible and keep themselves surrounded solely by those they live with or see extremely regularly. With schools (and even Disneyland!) closed, with friends only really available by chat or phone call, we’re spending a lot more time around our families, which is why we have to rely on them more than ever.

Jo and I did some family photoshoots before all of this went down, and it seemed like the perfect time to post the shots and remind ourselves of how lucky we really are. We hope you like the photos as much as we liked taking them!

Jo and Tristan

This is Jo. I may have stolen the post from Alli for a bit. Don’t tell anyone.

My son Tristan is four years old now. Before I had him, I knew that kids change a lot when they’re small, but I didn’t get just how much they actually do! Like what. I’ve always loved taking photos, even before it was my job, so I’ve totally been snapping pics of Tristan on and off. I’ll snap some, then look at them three months later, and he looks TOTALLY different. That saying about kids growing up in the blink of an eye sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

I’m really grateful to have Tristan. Motherhood isn’t always easy, and I have a better idea of what my parents and my friends’ parents went through, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’m lucky: Tristan is smart (I’m getting him ready for the gifted program!), and he’s kind, and he’s a total goofball that makes me smile so much my heart might explode. Pictures can’t always do people justice, but I hope you like these photos. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!


When you’re part of a small business, there’s an interesting phenomenon that happens with others you meet in your field: you gain a sense of community. It’s the same kind of thing that goes on when your job is tiring or difficult, that feeling of knowing what someone else is going through, all the ups and downs. Meeting fellow photographers is always a joy because of that.

Yasmine was no exception. We were doing headshot swaps; think of it like old-school bartering. We wanted updated shots for our business (and it’s hard to take a photo of yourself that isn’t on a selfie cam!), and Yasmine was looking for photos of her and her sister, so we figured, let’s try this out.

A few snapshots and plenty of hangouts later, Yasmine became a go-to for us, not just as a photographer but as a friend also. Plus, she’s amazing! Yasmine is always willing to help out, even acting as a third shooter at some of our weddings. You might think of support systems as concepts meant for individuals, but small businesses need them too. We thrive on that sense of community. We’re so, so grateful to have met her. -Jo

Christel and Family

Now that I’ve wrestled the keyboard back from Jo, let’s continue! 😉 Christel and her family are some of the greatest blessings we’ve had. They’ve given us the honor of being their family photographers since their youngest child was just a tiny baby!

You might think it’s a little weird to remember specific subjects. After all, family photos aren’t something you do very often, right? I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to remember clients, though. Between getting to know them, the actual photoshoots, and the editing process, we learn a lot about our clients. I may not remember every single detail, but when clients come back to us, it’s something special. Especially when there are small kids involved. We’ve been able to see Christel’s kids grow up!

It’s even more special for Jo, too. Christel and her family have been there since the beginning of her photography journey, so they’ve watched her grow as much as she’s watched them. 🙂

Rachel and Anthony

You might think that wedding photographers end their relationship with you once the wedding is over, and honestly, that’s true for some couples. We touch base with all of them on occasion to see where life has taken them and to thank them for inviting us into their lives, but just like meeting new people, not every single person is going to be your best friend. That’s just how life works.

There are times where keeping in touch, though, brings about a reward you wouldn’t think of. Rachel and Anthony got married back in May 2018, making it around two years since we worked with them. They welcomed their first son, James, in October 2019! (We can’t congratulate them enough. Oh man.) Being able to keep up with their lives, to see the path their romance is taking, has been amazing… but even moreso, Rachel and Anthony asked us to capture James’s newborn photos!

From Indiana to Arizona, Lake Havasu to Papago Park, love notes to a flying wedding certificate, to a family of two becoming three, Rachel and Anthony have supported each other on an amazing journey that we count ourselves downright blessed to be a part of. They’re such a sweet family–watching them grow reminds us of why we wanted to be photographers in the first place.

Sabrina, Josh, and the Boys

We hear a lot about couples meeting online, but it’s easy to forget that the internet is also a great place to meet friends. Here’s a reminder, then: Jo met Sabrina, Josh, and their boys through the internet. She was looking to practice family photography back during her college days, so she posted a message online asking for families. Lo and behold, Sabrina, Josh, and their kids answered her call, and they became fast friends.

Seriously. They’re practically family now.

You wouldn’t necessarily think that something as simple as a job posting could bring such joy, but lo and behold, a few keystrokes brought Jo one of her most treasured friendships. It’s going to last a lifetime. I know it.

Emily and AJ

Our last family for this post: Emily and AJ.

Emily and AJ are one of those couples that prove the romances we see on TV and in movies can definitely be real.

Just look at ‘em.

We try to stay away from saying that things are love at first sight, considering you don’t know someone when you first lay eyes on them, but Emily and AJ… well, it was pretty dang close. At first, it was just an intrigue, making eyes at that cute person across the room, but pretty soon? Super soon? Almost immediately?

Emily and AJ knew that each other was “the one.” So much so that after only a short time dating, they got married! Don’t side-eye them: these two have been together for ten whole years! (That’s actually part of the photoshoot–a 10-year anniversary celebration.) They’re still going strong, too.

Again: just look at ‘em.

Thanks for reading, guys and gals and anyone in between. We appreciate your support. Keep yourselves and your loved ones happy and healthy. Until it’s time to get out and about again, we’ll see you online. Until then, take care!


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