IronOaks Wedding – Mariola & Ryan

If you listen to Alanis Morisette, you miiight not have the correct definition of “ironic.” For instance, rain on a wedding day isn’t ironic; it’s just unfortunate. Just ask Mariola and Ryan: it happened to them. The forecast said it was a 99% chance of rain that day, and it definitely rained. When Mariola and Ryan arrived at Crown Plaza Chandler to get ready? It rained.

When they moved over to Iron Oaks Golf Course for the ceremony? It rained.

When the happy couple’s bridal party opened their personal gifts?  And rained.

And rained.

(And rained.)

Thing is, something magical happened that day. The pouring rain and howling wind felt like what you imagine a bride might feel like on her wedding day. All the pre-ceremony jitters, the knowing that so many people you love are there waiting for you, all the stress of planning the thing: stormy feelings. When it came time to actually sign the papers, a little bit before the end of the ceremony, the rain stopped. The wind quieted. It was kind of like that feeling when you know that good things are around the corner, no matter what life itself is bringing at that moment. (We want to make it a point to say, though, that if anyone was feeling that… we certainly didn’t see it! Ryan and Mariola were both cool as cucumbers. Maybe the weather got it all out for them.)

Ryan gave quiet smiles to his best man, Andrew, and his groomsmen, Julio and Shawn, as they came up. And then, it was time. Mariola walked down the aisle to Ryan, every bit the picture of beauty. Her lace dress looked soft and delicate and absolutely perfect on her as she took step after slow step in anticipation of the I Do’s. Ryan looked content, ready to publicly commit to Mariola for the rest of their lives. His excitement was low-key; still there, but the steady love that he and Mariola share made his vibe one of true peace, nothing else.

Mariola shared heartfelt hugs with her mother, Maria, and her sisters, Carmen and Maria.

Mariola’s veil was lifted, placed gently in her picture-perfect up-do, and she couldn’t help but happy-cry. Seeing Ryan in that moment, knowing that she loved him every bit as much as she did, she couldn’t fight back the joyful tears. The two took their vows, and just before “you may kiss the bride,” Mariola and Ryan turned to sign their marriage license. They took up the pen, and in that moment, beams of sunlight burst through the clouds.

We’re not joking. The sun literally shined down on Mariola and Ryan officially becoming husband and wife.

Could anything be more perfect?

The newlyweds took their guests over to San Tan Brewery for their reception, ready to spend time amongst loved ones as husband and wife for the first time. Everyone settled in, ready for food and cake and boogie-ing, and Mariola and Ryan decided to share a secret, something they had shared with very few people. (To be honest, I was one of the few–Mariola spilled the secret to me the week of the wedding!)

Mariola and Ryan have told their friends for years a story that is utterly believeable with how clear their connection is: they met while Mariola worked at a bank. Ryan came in for some reason or another, and bam: love at first sight.

Mariola and Ryan were love at first swipe. They met on Tinder on December 23rd. The connection between them was so strong, though, that Mariola met Ryan’s family on December 24th. With the bank story.

Is there a word for shock and laughter? Shockter? Because that was what happened after the guests found out. Who knew weddings could also be surprise parties? As you might hope, laughs were shared: the shock was over almost immediately. Mariola and Ryan had to share even more hugs with the family as punishment, which was sweet and hilarious.

Even though they didn’t meet at a bank, we’re still amazingly happy for Mariola and Ryan.

Congrats, you guys!

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