Phon D Sutton Engagement – Katherine & Chase

Have you guys heard of a meet cute? That thing where, in movies or TV, a couple’s first interaction is something memorable, whether it’s adorable or funny, sometimes even a little angry. Not everyone gets one of those. Sometimes it’s because of online dating, or it’s a slow transition from friends to significant others, or you hit it off with a coworker or friend of a friend. A meet cute is fun, but it’s not something you absolutely have to have to have a successful romance.

Katherine and Chase, though? They definitely got a meet cute. Katherine’s friend was trying to set her up with someone. Encouragement after encouragement, and yet this cute guy made no moves. Nada. Zilch. Maybe the spark wasn’t there, or there were other things in life. Everything happens at its own pace, and for whatever reason, it just wasn’t going to happen. That cute guy had a roommate, though, a roommate that couldn’t help but go gaga whenever he saw Katherine. (Just a little gaga, we swear.)

So the cute guy’s roommate, Chase, asked if he could get to know Katherine. It was the polite thing to do: sure, you can’t really “steal” a person from someone, but if there’s love blossoming for someone you care about, the last thing you want to do is ruin that. Love wasn’t blossoming, though, and Chase got the okay.

As you can probably tell since this post exists: Katherine and Chase hit it off, and things went from a matchmaker mishap to OH NO SHE’S CUTE. Like we said, it could easily be a romcom’s meet cute.

Five years passed, and Katherine and Chase seem to be every bit as in love as they were to begin with. Katherine knew something was up. Chase had planned a Payson hike, and he did everything without talking to her. Let me take care of it, he insisted, I got this. We’re going up to Payson.

She had no clue what was going to happen until he got down on one knee.

And the rest is history, really. You can see all the proof right here in this very post. Katherine and Chase chose the Salt River for their engagement session, and the timing was perfect. The day was sunny and warm, the recent rain leaving behind nothing but verdant plantlife and a gorgeous, flowing river. Looking into each other’s eyes, stealing moments to cuddle whenever they could, they looked like something straight out of a stock photo in the best of ways. Together, Katherine and Chase even took a leap of faith by stepping into the freezing river for some truly gorgeous photos.

Man. They’re seriously too cute. We’re so grateful to have been able to work with Katherine and Chase. Congrats, you guys!

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