Sedona Engagement – Kyla & Bryan

When you go to a leadership conference, you expect to meet new people, to get to know the attendees surrounding you so you can take home some of their knowledge and learn to better yourself. You don’t usually expect to learn that one of your fellow conference-goers is actually your neighbor.

And you don’t expect your neighbor to marry you.

But here Kyla and Bryan are now. Three years later and they’re ready to tie the knot! The leadership conference actually led them to each other, to a first date at Starbucks and an obsession with Disney+ and a love that can’t be beat. This adventurous couple went together in March 2019 to a study abroad program in Peru, spending an evening on a pier watching fireworks. Kyla knew it was a romantic moment, but she didn’t expect Bryan to pull out that rose gold ring and ask her to marry him! They’d talked about it, sure, but she didn’t realize Bryan had chosen the perfect moment. Tears in her eyes, fireworks exploding in the sky and in her heart, Kyla said it: yes.

Together, Kyla and Bryan chose Sedona for their engagement photoshoot, a hike among the juniper trees and fiery sandstone monuments to commemorate the history they’ve made together. The path was challenging, but Kyla and Bryan managed it while keeping everything picture perfect. Between shots, we got to chat with them about our mutual love of Disney and the great outdoors, and Kyla and Bryan were nothing but sweet and fun the entire time.

Whether it’s the magic of Disney or the majesty of Sedona vortexes, Kyla and Bryan seem right at home amid enchantment. The lighthearted love these two share is sure to stay as strong as ever, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them.

Congrats, Kyla and Bryan! We can’t wait for your wedding day!

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