2020’s Strange Thanksgiving

With everything that’s been going on this year, it’s easy to forget about what we’re thankful for. Heck, we almost even forgot to make this post! The world is a crazy place, but there’s plenty to appreciate, even now.

We’re thankful for each other, for one. If we hadn’t met, we wouldn’t be having nearly the same experience with all of you guys. Where one of us might have a bad day or our schedules might conflict, the other can pick up the slack. There’s a reason we’re Jo AND Alli!

As always, we’re thankful for our boys. They brought us together at first, so without them, our business wouldn’t even be here. It’s not just that, though: from Tristan to Damien to Allison’s daughter, Salem, our children have brought us some of the most magical moments of our lives. Being able to teach them about the holidays, introduce them to new foods, and shape them into the people they’re going to become is a reward unmatched by anything else.

We’re thankful for our health. This pandemic has brought a lot of stress on everyone, from jobs to mental health to being stuck at home. Even people taking more precautions than we can imagine have gotten sick. We’re lucky: our families are happy and healthy.

At the risk of sounding like broken records, we’re thankful for all of you guys, too. You’ve found ways to stay safe and still work with us, for one. For another, everything that you bring our way helps expand our horizons. We learn about other families, about other ways to have weddings and other kinds of love.

Our mini family shoots were part of that recently, too. You can see some of them below, but each shoot brought something new to the table, something precious to remember–like Monique, Dominic, and baby Sebastian. Being able to snap their engagement and then their wedding was great, but seeing their family grow to include one more reminded us just how much we love doing this.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you and your loved ones are happy and healthy!

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