Lost Dutchman Engagement – Kaila + Nick

Love doesn’t always come when you expect it. Sometimes you’re working hard, providing for yourself and learning to be who you are, only for love to come out of nowhere. Other times, it finds you early, like with Cheyenne and Jacob.

Or like today’s couple, Kaila and Nick! They’re another case of high school sweethearts, which always warms our hearts. Kaila was friends with Nick’s brother, and as you might think, she and Nick hit it off. It helps to have something to do together–in their case, both Kaila and Nick were excited to see the first Iron Man on the big screen! 

The Marvel movies showcase plenty of superpowers, but there are touches of real magic to Kaila and Nick’s love story, too. They decided to take a Disneyland vacation, but Kaila knew something was strange–Nick was nervous, completely unlike him. He insisted on taking photos, too, which was unusual.

But then they got to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and it all clicked into place: Nick got down on one knee and popped the question in the most magical place on Earth. (We don’t think we need to tell you it went well. Just look at where they are now: every bit as in love as day one.)

Shooting with them at Lost Dutchman was a breeze. The skies were clear, the day was warm (but not scorching!), and Kaila and Nick were down for anything. Kaila wandered the desert in stunning heels and a delicate floral dress, perfect for the desert heat, and Nick was always there to hold her hand. Kaila and Nick are absolutely comfortable with each other, with such a tender, easy romance between the two of them. We love seeing how much our couples adore each other!

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your love story, Kaila and Nick!


Jo + Alli

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