Papago Park Engagement – Cheyenne + Jacob

High school sweethearts. We see them on TV and in movies, the love stories that start early and last entire lifetimes. In reality, many of us don’t get something like that.

But Cheyenne and Jacob?

They’re the real deal.

Jacob worked up the courage to ask Cheyenne to his junior prom, and well, to put it in Cheyenne’s own words, the rest was history! They’ve seen each other through the awkward throes of teenagedom, through Cheyenne’s hospitality degree and all of Jacob’s studies, through the ups and downs that come with becoming an adult.

Six years in and they’re still going strong.

You can see it in their photos. The overcast sky protected them from the Phoenix heat, a light breeze sending Cheyenne’s dress aflutter among Papago Park’s sandy landscape. Some couples feel like they’re at home amid the cacti and palo verdes, but Cheyenne was a flower blooming in the desert, her love with Jacob vibrant enough to light up the dunes.

Blossoming buds often hide surprising strength, and that held true for Cheyenne, too–she braved Papago Park in heels, determined to make lifelong memories. We were able to capture some of the sweetest kisses these two shared when they weren’t playfully teasing each other. The smiles never faded, either: it’s clear that Cheyenne and Jacob are completely at ease with one another.

Somehow, that comfort seems perfect for the brunch wedding they have planned. We can’t wait to see them tie the knot!

Thank you for trekking through the desert with us and letting us be a part of your love story, Cheyenne and Jacob!


Jo + Alli

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