Desert Botanical Garden Bridal Portraits – Kyla & Bryan

Living in the desert, it’s easy to get tired of the scenery. “Oh, another cactus,” you might think. (We have a lot of saguaros here, even in the middle of the Phoenix metropolitan area.)

At the same time, we should remember not to take things for granted. The desert is home to plenty of plants, not just your typical cacti. What better a place than the Desert Botanical Garden to remind you of the beauty you can find here?

At first, Kyla had decided on having her photoshoot with Bryan at Gilbert’s Riparian Preserve, with its gorgeous, wide-open landscape. As she told us about wanting to go with something smaller for her wedding because of the pandemic, though, we started to brainstorm other locations–was there an even better place?

And then Kyla’s mom let slip that Kyla had dreamed of having her wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden. She even shared that Kyla would be the first in three generations to have photos of her wedding.

We knew we just had to make her dream come true.

Kyla and Bryan share a love as natural to them as cacti are to the desert. Wandering the maze of plants and occasional wildlife, these two were clearly completely at ease with one another. They were ready to try anything, too, including using the desert plant life as backdrops for photos of their rings! (Speaking of their rings, they’re stunning. We love how unique the bands are.)

Kyla and Bryan opted for something quiet, a photoshoot that let them cherish time with one another, their sisters, and their parents. The end result is something that doesn’t just look like it could be an advertisement for the Grand Canyon State, but is also perfect for them and will live on in their hearts forever.

We’re just glad we could be a part of it.

Congrats, Kyla and Bryan! Your photos turned out amazing, and we’re so happy for you two!


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