Bell Rock, Sedona Engagement – Samantha + Kyle

Sometimes, the saying is true: opposites really do attract. Even the most opposite of couples will have things in common, after all.

That’s not always the case, though. Take Samantha and Kyle, for example. They have some relatively typical commonalities. 

They both love the desert. (That’s why Sedona’s Bell Rock seemed like such an ideal place for an engagement shoot.)

They both like to stay in and have Netflix binges.

They both decided to take a chance on online dating. (It’s how they met. It’s the modern age, people!)

These two Oregonians, though, share more than that. Samantha and Kyle are both sports coaches! 

It just seemed natural to them to bring their lives to Arizona. Where else can you find plenty of desert, enough heat to have a legitimate excuse for Netflix marathons, and still have great weather for sports?

Samantha knew that Kyle was getting ready to propose. They’re the kind of couple that shares everything they can with one another, prioritizing healthy communication to make sure they’re on the same page. Take Samantha’s ring–she helped design it! Creating it was truly collaborative, something that defines their relationship.

With all the planning, though, Samantha still didn’t know exactly when Kyle would propose. She figured it would be on their Hawaii trip, but that didn’t narrow it down. Would it be in one of the fantastic 7-11s, between the spam musubi and the rice balls?

Or perhaps on the beach at sunset?

Turns out: boat tour. Kyle took Samantha to see everything, to drink in the sights of the tropical trees and shimmering cerulean water. She was disappointed when it was over, wanting to stay on that boat forever, so Kyle suggested staying just a few extra minutes. The horizon is prettier when there’s nobody around, after all.

When everyone had left the boat, Samantha had a moment to commit the sight to memory.

But it was time to go soon enough, and Kyle asked her to wait for just a moment–he had to tie his shoe.

Then he pulled out the ring.

And the rest is history.

Congrats, Kyle and Samantha! We’re so excited for your wedding!!


Jo + Alli

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