Desert Botanical Garden Engagement – Kristin + Brad

I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in college, every class had a few people that stood out to me. Some were talented classmates that I admired. Some were just fun to look at, whether they were cute or they had an interesting style. Some got on my nerves, even!

Kristin was no different. Several classmates were her friends. She got along well enough with others, too. It seemed like a typical classroom experience… until Brad sat down next to her.

Her immediate thought was something many of us have had: “Oh, no. He’s cute.”

Kristin knew she had to take a chance. It’s a good thing Brad agreed!

In a small town like Kristin’s, there are only so many popular spots, and it turned out that Olive Garden was the place to be. They say that when you’re there, you’re family, but did you know that sometimes first-date breadsticks can lead to true love? (I’m pretty sure that breadsticks themselves are another kind of love, but that’s a different story.)

Brad had known for a while that Kristin was the right woman for him, but his plans to propose on the California coast were thrown off thanks to the pandemic. He still wanted to do something romantic, though, so he woke up super early on Christmas Eve and snuck out to the grocery store to get the freshest roses he could find. 

Quietly, Brad made his way home and to the kitchen, where he hid a dozen roses before setting to work on homemade cinnamon rolls. (Who can resist that?) When Kristin woke up, they enjoyed their pastries together, having a relaxing morning.

Then Brad pulled out the ring and the roses.

Now, Kristin and Brad are getting ready for the rest of their lives together, and I know I can’t wait to see what happens next. Congrats, Kristin and Brad! We’re so excited for you!



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