Las Sendas Golf Club Wedding – Katie + Ryan

True love can make almost anything better. It can help us forget our woes, even only for a little while. At a time like this, when the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel is finally starting to shine, it’s a reminder that we can get through it all.

Katie and Ryan’s wedding was an example of that. 

We’ve talked before about Katie and Ryan, about their shining love and upbeat attitudes. Being able to follow them from engagement to matrimony was amazing! Ryan hung out with his close family while Katie got ready with her party. She looked stunning in her mermaid dress–look at those lace details! Katie even told us she loved the dress because of what happens when she fans it out: the train ripples on its own!

The dress, as gorgeous as it was, wasn’t nearly as important as the love that spread through the venue. The ceremony itself was held at Mesa’s Las Sendas Golf Club, which made for some great shots. The wedding party gathered on the second story, their guests below eager to celebrate such an important occasion. Katie made her appearance at the top of the stairs, taking her place next to her father, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the area.

The sunshine gave Katie a full-on halo, shining down on her like the day was meant to be. Ryan couldn’t help but tear up when he saw her, ready to take the next step in the rest of their lives together. Katie’s dad gave her one final hug before handing her over to Ryan. The vows they exchanged were special, words straight from the heart–they wrote them themselves, putting their love into words for such a special day. Naturally, they sealed those vows with a kiss.

From Las Sendas, the party moved to an airplane hangar that Katie’s parents own over at Arizona Aircraft Interior Design. It was such a unique reception hall! There was plenty of space to boogie and share good times, and the backdrop of the hangar made for one-of-a-kind photos.

You can’t let the venue outdo you, though, no matter how cool it is. Just as the guests started to wonder where the wedding party had gone, they made their grand entrance… on a private plane! With the guys in matching tuxes and the girls in white trenchcoats to go with Katie’s dress, the group looked like celebrities when they stepped off the plane. It’s something that we’re sure everyone will recall the rest of their lives.

That’s what it’s all about: making memories and spreading joy. The love that Katie and Ryan share, the love their friends and family has for them, is nothing if not joyful. We’re so glad we got to work with them.

Congrats, Katie and Ryan! We can’t wait to see what life brings you!


Jo + Alli

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