Desert Botanical Garden Engagement – Emily + Austin

Sometimes couples meet in a way that seems natural. Maybe they’ve had friends in common for a long time, or they work near each other. Maybe they tried online dating. They can even begin as classmates before it becomes more.

Sometimes, though, love is entirely up to chance.

That’s how it was for Emily and Austin.

The call of fun isn’t always easy to resist. Emily was studying for a big exam, knowing she really shouldn’t go out. Without a break, though, there’s only so much you can do, so she decided to take a chance and go out to a bar, just for a little while. Hitting the books would hopefully help her score that A, but breaks are good for us.

(What she didn’t know is she’d find an A of her own that night: Austin!)

Austin had his own plans that evening, but something told him that he should have a night off. A drink or two sounded great.

No matter where you go to enjoy a drink, you’ll find people. Dive bars, clubs, restaurants–they’re filled with potential friends, lovers, partners. What comes along with that, though, is chance. Surrounded with so many people, there’s no guarantee that anyone you meet will stick around for more than a cocktail or two.

Emily, though, happened to lock eyes with Austin across the bar.

A chance meeting.

And somehow, they both knew.

The rare love at first sight. Emily and Austin haven’t been apart since.

Since you’re reading this, you probably guessed things went well. More than well, even! Austin and Emily are ready to tie the knot, ready to make their family–Emily, Austin, and a few lovely pups–as official as can be.

Watching them wander the paths of the Desert Botanical Garden felt like getting a peek into a romance movie. From love at first sight to love among the cactus blossoms, Emily and Austin have something everlasting. You can see it in the way they look at each other, every bit in love as the day they met.

It’s sure to make everyone smile.

Congrats, Emily and Austin! You guys are amazing, and we can’t wait to help you make memories of your wedding!


Jo + Alli

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