Desert Botanical Garden Engagement – Amanda + Skylar

Babies are hilarious, from the faces they make to the way they laugh, but there’s something truly special about watching them grow into fully-fledged human beings. You hear a lot about what makes parenting great, but it’s true! As quickly as they grow up, you want to include them in everything and get as many photos as you can. That’s why, when Amanda and Skylar asked if they could bring Amanda’s little with them to their engagement shoot at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, we immediately said yes!

It was a gorgeous day out, perfect for hide-and-seek among the desert plants. When you throw kids into the mix, you never know what to expect, no matter how great of a day it is. And we know that camera lenses can be intimidating when you’re that small. Amanda’s son was a great sport, though! He was super shy, kicking those lil’ bashful feet, but he was eager to pose and smile, even being silly. (He does an amazing pig impression! Oink oink!) When it was time for us to focus on Amanda and Skylar themselves, he got to have a ball with his grandma instead, which was downright adorable.

And while we snapped away, we realized something: the kind smiles he gave us had to have come from somewhere!

Where, you ask? Amanda and Skyler, duh. They’re such a sweet couple. The love they share is kind and gentle. It radiates calm energy that puts you at ease, makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay no matter what happens. It’s rare to meet people like that, so these two being together feels like such a precious miracle. When Amanda and Skylar look at each other, it’s as if the world melts away. Life becomes the two of them, something simple and joyful that we’re lucky we got to be a part of.

You know how plants give off oxygen that helps us feel better? Amanda and Skylar’s dynamic is kind of like that. It made the Desert Botanical Garden a natural choice for their engagement shoot, transforming the cacti and bright blooms into a whimsical, dreamy spot for these lovebirds to explore and gush about their upcoming wedding. They opted for clothes with a classic, casual feel that perfectly matched the energy between them. We hope that you can feel some of that tranquility just from looking at the photos–it’s something we could all use a little bit of!

It’s also something that makes us look forward to their wedding, which is sure to be as full of love and beauty as their engagement shoot was. Amanda and Skylar have something truly special.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your story, Amanda and Skylar! We’ll see you guys soon!


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