Wedgewood Lindsay Grove Wedding – Cheyenne + Jacob

If you believe Alanis Morisette, you know it’s not exactly great to have rain on your wedding day. Having rain the day before your wedding, though? That just makes everything better! Rain–at least in Mesa and the rest of Phoenix–has a way of refreshing everything, making the air feel so much cooler and cleaner than before. With just some light clouds dotting the early-morning sky, the post-rain day seemed like the world saying that it was the perfect time for Cheyenne and Jacob’s wedding at Lindsay Grove.

The word “wedding” might conjure up visions of gorgeous sunset ceremonies, but if you’ve been following us for a while, you might know: there’s so much more than that! Cheyenne and Jacob, for example, had a high-noon ceremony, with the reception centering around one of our favorite pastimes: brunch! Some light cocktails and a delightful spread of food spell out luxury to us, that’s for sure. Plus, it was a genius move: it made sure Cheyenne and Jacob (and their guests!) beat the Arizona heat!

The day began with the most important brunch staple: coffee. We know how it is when you’re trying to get stuff done while precaf! While Cheyenne and her bridesmaids sipped on the bean juice in their rental, they got to nosh on breakfast foods as they got ready for the occasion. Jacob’s party stayed out of sight in the guest house, close by but still secluded as they knotted their ties and smoothed out their suits.

When it was about time for the ceremony, we made our way down to the reception area, where a whimsical wonderland awaited us. All of the details were simple, yet eye-catching, evoking fairytales and dreams through simplicity. Lanterns on wooden stands twinkled in the late-morning light, warmly inviting everyone in.

Cheyenne got to make her appearance in the midday sun, its rays casting a renewing glow down on everyone. Lending to her natural beauty was a unique dress we’ve never seen the likes of before, the beaded halter ready to take everyone’s breath away. A blush tulle piece peeked out from under Cheyenne’s dress, letting the train trail behind to leave a pink glow wherever she went. That pink glow was definitely there on her cheeks, too, rosy with joy and excitement as Cheyenne took step after step to the ever-dapper Jacob, waiting for her at the altar.

Jacob and Cheyenne read their handwritten vows from notebooks that may as well have been their hearts on display for each other. The conviction in their eyes made it clear: these two are together in sickness and in health, through the good and the bad, for the rest of their lives. The love they share and the vows they recited weren’t deep, soulful promises like we see in movies, but statements of fact backed with nothing but kindness in their hearts. These high school sweethearts share something as natural to them as breathing. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Their loved ones seem to agree, too. From the maid of honor to the Best Woman, Cheyenne’s fathers and Jacob’s dad, there was one common theme in all of the speeches: kindness. Every single one of them made it a point to remind the gathering that Cheyenne and Jacob had never seemed happier, more giving, more true to themselves until they found each other.

Okay, we might have fibbed slightly. There was one speech that didn’t touch on that… the pastor’s! Cheyenne and Jacob have known him for quite a long time, so when he stood, they figured they were in for more words of wisdom and love. Instead, the pastor announced he’d made a mistake. (Our hearts leapt into our throats, to be honest.)

But that mistake was easily rectified, and the pastor’s voice boomed out: “I now pronounce you husband and wife!”

It was the only thing he’d neglected to say as Cheyenne and Jacob exchanged vows and said the all-important words to start their marriage off. It was also the thing that got the biggest laugh of the night, a great story that they’ll be able to tell for years to come! We can only hope that a forgotten pronouncement is the only hardship life will throw these two.

But we think they’ll make it through even the hardest things that come their way. When a couple shares more than just love, it makes them stronger, and what better symbol of a shared union is there than their cake? The touches of violet that Cheyenne and Jacob had chosen together for their wedding colors continued onto the tiered delight, but it was the Disney topper that really cinched things.

Love for that classic mouse and those timeless movies is something that always brings Cheyenne and Jacob closer, a fantastic way to show their lovely union to everyone. To match the simple look, they opted for the chairs from Up, done in an elegant style: an image willing their love to be everlasting, watching over everyone as Cheyenne, Jacob, and their guests boogied the day away before the lovebirds departed amidst a cascade of bubbles that glinted in the sun.

Is there really anything better?

Cheyenne and Jacob, we’re so glad you let us into your lives, and we know that you have decades of happiness ahead of you!


Jo + Alli

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