Troon North Golf Club Wedding – Samantha + Kyle

William Golding once said that women are far superior to men, that whatever a man gives a woman, the woman makes greater. She takes it and multiplies it and enlarges it, making it more than it was before. The ending of the quote, though, is what stands out: “If you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.”

We think it’s a pretty funny quote that also captures the resilience and strength that women have. When Samantha’s dad used it in his speech, we were starstruck!

It’s not the only thing that wowed us about Samantha and Kyle‘s Troon North Golf Club wedding, though. They were one of the best-dressed couples we’ve seen–from her hair to their details to their choice of colors and how they used them, every single piece was picture-perfect. Every couple we’ve worked with has looked fantastic, but the attention to every little thing paid off!

The connection that Samantha and Kyle share makes them seem like they could be high school sweethearts. They were relaxed the entire time, no sign of the wedding-day jitters, not even a moment’s hesitation at taking the leap together. Even when they got to finally hit the dance floor, it was obvious just how much they put each other at ease.

Samantha and Kyle’s love extends to their mothers, too–both of them had special places in the wedding as witnesses for their marriage license! Seeing how close the relationship is with their moms hits us close to home as mothers ourselves. (We hope to share even half the love Samantha and Kyle do with their moms!)

That’s not all, though. Most couples keep a layer of their wedding cake to freeze so they can eat it on their first anniversary as spouses. Thing is, not even the best container can keep every cake from getting freezer burned! Instead, Samantha and Kyle opted for something with a little more longevity: a box containing their favorite wine. Samantha and Kyle included their parents there, too, requesting that they each write a note about their children and what they mean to them. Beside those notes, Samantha and Kyle wrote messages to each other to reflect on in a years’ time. It was such an inventive touch, one that we hope to see more of!

Being able to shoot their husband and wife portraits in the desert made for some stunningly magical shots, too, pictures that frame Arizona almost as much the star of the show as the newlyweds! (Aaaalmost. Samantha and Kyle really stole the show.)

No wedding is complete without the couple making an exit, either. Sometimes they’re quiet, meant for just the two of them. Other times, like for Samantha and Kyle, couples choose something exciting: sparklers! Dashing through that sparkling tunnel looked like a blast, but it was symbolic… they turned and went right back in to party with their loved ones. Who can resist that?

Congratulations, Samantha and Kyle! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your magical day. We can’t wait to see what heights life takes you to!


Jo & Alli

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