Anthem Country Club Wedding – Gabrielle + Tyler

Weddings, as momentous as they are, can be incredibly hectic affairs. Couples that have children have to find ways to take care of them and also involve them, but when your family comes together to support you, it’s nothing short of heartwarming. Gabrielle and Tyler’s wedding at the Anthem Golf & Country Club in Phoenix’s Anthem community is proof of that!

Tyler arrived before Gabrielle and took full advantage of his early arrival, sharing tender moments with their small children. As young as they are, it was hard to involve them, but spending a bit of time with his kids was enough to jazz him up for the day. Plus, he looked downright dashing in his tux–you’d almost think he’s posing for a magazine photoshoot, looking at the snapshots of him with their children.

Wrapped in a white robe and her hair adorned with a gorgeous accent piece, Gabrielle arrived and was whisked away to get ready with her loved ones. Tyler prepared himself to see his soon-to-be bride, but nothing could truly get him ready for it. When Gabrielle stepped out for their first look, Tyler was legitimately speechless, stunned not just by her beauty, but also what it meant. They were taking the first step in the journey of marriage… and it felt absolutely right.

We’ve talked before about first looks giving newlyweds the chance to breathe and take each other in, but every once in a while, friends and family want in on the action, want to celebrate the joy that love brings. What some of their guests saw, peeking through the bushes from the lounge, was nothing short of magical. As Gabrielle and Tyler kissed, a breeze picked up bougainvillea petals, swirling their papery pinkness around the couple as if being blessed by nature itself.

As the moment ended, though, it was time to move on to the ceremony. A beloved friend strummed a ukelele as Gabrielle and Tyler each walked down the aisle, a special touch just for them. Pledging their lives to one another, Gabrielle and Tyler promised to see their union through sickness and health, the good times and bad, celebrating with their loved ones. It wasn’t all serious declarations of love, though: there was plenty of laughter during the reception!

Between speeches and dinner, Gabrielle and Tyler picked up their children, dancing with their newborn daughter and their son Vinny, making memories that will last a lifetime. Between dances, Vinny played with toy cars, showing them off to the guests as they celebrated. With laughter and love, with joy and jubilation, the reception brought nothing but sheer goodness to the occasion.

It’s pretty clear that Gabrielle and Tyler were meant to be.

Congrats, Gabrielle and Tyler! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!


Jo + Alli

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