Superstition Mountain Museum Wedding – Ruth & Nathan

If you remember Ruth and Nathan, you might remember the little white church at the Superstition Mountain Museum. It’s where we had the chance to snap photos for their engagement shoot. (It’s okay, click on the post. We’ll wait.)

(Did you take a look? Perfect.)

There was something about that little white church that hit Ruth and Nathan right in the feelings, something that captured their hearts almost in the way they had done to one another way back when. They knew they’d found their

venue… and what a venue it was.

Nate’s brother was the officiant, and surrounded by the bridal party–Ruth and Nathan’s children–he held the rings and watched Ruth and Nathan gaze into each others’ eyes. Each of their daughters read aloud poems that Nathan had written Ruth back when they first started dating, the love notes becoming every bit as important as the vows they spoke. (Nathan still writes poems for Ruth. It’s SO cute. Each couple shows their love differently, but those poems are perfect for these two.)

After the vows, Ruth and Nathan shared their first kiss as husband and wife, and in the middle of the kiss, Ruth got a big, mischievous smile on her face: she had a surprise.


Ruth was determined for her and Nathan to ride off into the sunset together, and together they did just that. Of course, they had to come right back: it was time to boogie! The horses made for some great, fun family formal wedding photos, as you can see. It wasn’t the only fun touch that Ruth and Nathan had planned, either. A gorgeous home served as reception hall, housing a beautiful bouquet of desserts that overlooked the enchanting desert landscape, and a taco truck was stationed right there for a perfect Southwestern dinner.

While the guests boogied and the kids swam (and Nathan’s daughters, Katlyn and Anna, even did a dance performance!), we got to watch Ruth and Nathan steal special moments together just for themselves. As the sun set, giant fire pits filled the space with glowing light that provided a stunning backdrop for plenty of romantic shots.

It was an amazingly fun night: we couldn’t have asked for a better group of wedding guests to spend time with. Love wasn’t restricted to the newlyweds. Yes, you could see the romance between Nathan and Ruth, and they made it a point to thank everyone, to express their love and gratitude at being able to have those they care about nearby to celebrate a special occasion, but there was such affection from every single guest here that made the wedding feel truly special.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your special night, Ruth and Nathan. It really was one for the books. Congratulations! 

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