Sunset Point Engagement – Brittany & Danny

Whether you meet someone special at a party, through a friend, or on Tinder, every couple has a fun tale to tell. Sometimes it’s an incident that happens years into a relationship. Sometimes it’s a bad first date. Brittany and Danny’s story started on Tinder, but their first date wasn’t bad by any means–it was the opposite! They hit it off at a brewery back in 2016, though one thing stood out: hunger. What was intended to be a simple time of brews and bites became a burger expedition to In-N-Out. It was a good sign.

After that first date came a second, and a third, and then (as you can probably guess!), many, many more. Three years later, in September 2019, Danny planned a trip to a cabin near Prescott. He made a quick trip just an hour before leaving to Brittany’s parents’ house, knowing he had something special in store: a proposal. Brittany’s dad gave Danny his blessing. The proposal was on!

From the desert to the trees, Brittany was ready to settle in up in Prescott, and Danny decided he wanted to explore the great outdoors. Fresh air sounded like a good idea after the car ride, so Brittany and Danny made their way out to Watson Lake… where there were hundreds of people at an outdoor event.


Danny stalled until people began to leave, trying his best to come up with reasons he wanted to be at the lake for more than three hours. (Sorry, Brittany!) As the crowd began to clear, Danny could feel his heart thumping in his chest, beating about as fast as a roadrunner going by–and wait. Wait. WAIT. A roadrunner.

Brittany loves animals. It was perfect. Danny gave her a mission: track that bird! Brittany thought it was a weird request, but she rolled with it. You do weird things for those you love, after all. Danny used the roadrunner’s disappearance to cover him retrieving the ring from his pack, and as the two of them found a bench nestled in the wilderness, he knew it was time. Danny gave Brittany the works: down on bended knee, pulse pounding with hope, a gentle voice, all leading up to asking the question, “Will you marry me?”

When Brittany’s family surprised her at the cabin, she was excited to tell them she said yes.

Too. Dang. Cute.

Brittany and Danny chose Sunset Point for their engagement session. The wilderness brought Watson Lake to mind with its enchanting atmosphere, only an hour out of the Easy Valley. It didn’t matter that rain was awaiting and the ground was muddy; all Brittany and Danny needed for the shoot was each other. (Though they could have done without the bugs.) They were absolutely easygoing the entire time, game for every idea we had. Exploring Sunset Point to snap plenty of photos of them was a blast.

Possible rain and mud couldn’t stop the engagement session. It seems to us like it’s a sign of things to come–nothing is going to stop Brittany and Danny.

We couldn’t be happier for them.

Congrats, you two! We can’t wait to see what life will bring you! See you both soon!

-Jo and Alli

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