Hotel Fairmont Engagement – Kristen & Cody

Every couple has places that are special to them. Whether it’s where they had their first date, a favorite restaurant, a state park they camp in often, it’s part of growing a relationship together. Whether we talk about romance or family, places help us create memories and bring back feelings of love and of joy. 

For me, one of those places is a park in Chandler near my parents’ house–I used to take Tristan there all the time when he was younger, so every time I drive by it, I can’t help but think of those playtimes. Our editor, Brandon, told me about how he used to go play Pokemon Go with his partner at Desert Breeze Park, which only added to the memories of his mother taking him to the splashpad there. Alli and her husband think of massage studios, with couples’ massages being some of the rare times they can spend together without that #parentlife coming into play.

For Kristen and Cody, today’s couple, it’s the Hotel Fairmont in Scottsdale. The hotel itself is gorgeous, its blend of traditional Spanish and modern architecture hiding plenty of spots to stop and relax. From hearty bougenvillea with blooming pink flowers to sweeping trees with green boughs that stretch toward the sky, the Fairmont feels like much more than a typical hotel. Despite being in the middle of an urban environment, the lush landscape reminds you of how much beauty the desert can hold.

It also reminds Kristen and Cody of each other. The Hotel Fairmont was where they first decided they’d officially be a couple, where casual flirtation became a relationship that would last a lifetime. That statement sounds like a grand romantic gesture, but romance isn’t always serious moments and bended knees. Cody never once shied away from a chance to make Kristen laugh–you can really see it in the photos!

We even got to take some shots at the bar where Kristen and Cody decided to make the relationship official. Whether it was at the bar or in the middle of a verdant path, Kristen and Cody made the shoot a breeze. They were down for any pose we suggested, even suggesting some of their own, and making them laugh was easy. Working with them was an absolute treat.

One thing was clear throughout the shoot: Kristen and Cody love each other very, very much. Love looks different for every couple, but like Monique and Dominic, joy and laughter seemed as natural to Kristen and Cody as breathing.

We’re pretty sure it’s a sign of even more happiness to come.

Congrats, Kristen and Cody! We can’t wait for your wedding!



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