Superstition Manor Wedding – Karlee and Brandon

Hello, everyone! It’s Jo. I think one of the best things about our work is that we get to follow our couples through their entire wedding journey. It’s not just a family photoshoot or a single engagement, most of the time–we meet them and get to know them, then walk alongside them through the engagement shoot and the wedding day itself. We’re there for the excitement and the jitters, every last bit of fun and excitement.

So when it came time for Karlee and Brandon’s wedding, we were more than ready for the clear, sunny day. Brandon got ready with his groomsmen–all his brothers, his closest friend, his dad, and his father-in-law–just feet away from where Karlee and her bridesmaids were. With the tux on and the tie tied, Brandon had a chance to sit back with his best friends and share a beer, laughter, and even an intense ping pong match. After a round of cheers, his groomsmen took a moment for a quiet prayer: that Karlee and Brandon would be blessed with good health and good fortune together. Brandon’s brother helped him with the final touches.

Karlee, meanwhile, was a vision of serenity. As she sipped on drinks with her bridesmaids, snuggled up together in matching plaid robes, the windows let in plenty of sunlight to cast a glow down on the group. There wasn’t a single sign of nerves or jitters: Karlee was nothing if not relaxed. Her maid of honor wasn’t able to make it to the wedding because of travel restrictions, but she still made an appearance with a video call. Once the girls had their moment, it was time for the dress. Karlee’s mom and her two bridesmaids helped her make sure every single inch of fabric was where it needed to be. (I even got to help out, too, with Karlee’s shoes!) With the dress on and her heels strapped, Karlee’s time was here: the first touch and note pass.

Karlee and Brandon were already technically married–the pandemic has put a lot of delays on peoples’ lives, and they didn’t want to let such a scary time put a stop to such an important moment. Being officially husband and wife didn’t take the magic out of their first touch, though. No matter how long you know someone, when the time comes for a wedding like this, it’s something special. We could see it not just in the way Karlee and Brandon passed each other notes, quiet and personal and tender, but in the way that their eyes filled with happy tears as they got to do their first touch, as they read the notes and got ready to declare their marriage in front of their loved ones.

Notes came into play with the ceremony, too, which was one to remember. Karlee and Brandon each wrote notes for one another, which the officiant read out loud for them and their guests. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, not when everyone realized the notes were letters with the reasons Karlee and Brandon love each other. (I’m pretty sure I caught a tear on the officiant’s cheek, too.)

With the ceremony over, it was time for portraits. Whisked off to the desert, the bridal party was ready to go despite the Arizona heat. Even now, when we look at the photos, all we see is joy. Karlee and Brandon truly do love one another, and their bridal party will definitely support them through whatever life brings. 

It’s the same thing for their guests–you could really see how excited everyone was for Karlee and Brandon to tie the knot. At one side of the vaulted reception room, Karlee and Brandon had a photobooth set up for their guestbook so their friends and family could commemorate the day. Watching everyone snap shots of each other was a blast!

The reception room itself felt like a grand ballroom, with exposed beams and a giant chandelier that cast light across the entire hall. A balcony near the dressing rooms overlooked the reception, making for a stunning observation deck that felt like the spires of a castle. Guests danced around the hall to distract themselves from the tantalizing scent of dinner before it was served, and once dinner was over, they got right back to boogieing down with multiple dance trains weaving between the tables, bride and groom included. Some of the littles even got in on the action!

One of our favorite things about seeing such a variety of weddings is finding out what each couple chooses for dessert. Traditional white tiered wedding cakes are still around, but they don’t dominate the scene anymore. Karlee and Brandon, for instance, forewent them, opting instead for a smorgasbord of rich, creamy cheesecake in what felt like a million flavors. The variety of colors alone made it hard to choose just one!

But of course, after the dessert and dancing came the end of the night. Karlee and Brandon’s guests lined up outside the hall to bid the happy couple farewell, using sparklers to light the way. Cascades of glittering fire flowers rained down over Karlee and Brandon as they said goodnight to their guests, making for some stunning shots and meaningful memories.

This really was one for the books. Congrats, Karlee and Brandon! No matter what life throws at you, it’s pretty clear to us that you’ll make it through. We can’t wait to see what life brings you!



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