Ocotillo Oasis by Wedgewood Weddings – Ronda + Justin

You might know that feeling when you’re at a party, when you lock eyes with someone across the room and realize “oh no, they’re cute.”

It’s the exact feeling that Ronda had when she saw Justin. Ronda had seen plenty of attractive people before, but there was something about a certain handsome fellow that made her need to know more. (She didn’t realize it, but Justin felt the same way!)

The more she learned, the more Ronda realized: she liked Justin. A lot. The longer they got to know each other, the more convinced she was that he was the right person for her… and now they’re married!

Their wedding was dreamy, every bit as elegant as the quiet love Ronda and Justin share. Their friends and family surrounded them, supporting them not just as individuals but as a unit, as something new that’s just the two of them. As their own little family.

The day was gorgeous and breezy, the wind sending Ronda’s wedding gown aflutter–she was a beautiful vision, that’s for sure. If she had wedding-day jitters (and believe us, they’re common!), we saw no signs of them. Ronda was calm and composed the entire time, resolute in the knowledge that her and Justin were meant to be.

Honestly, Justin might have been a bit more nervous! He was just as ready as Ronda was to say those magic words, to declare his love in front of their small audience, but such a big occasion is sure to send happy excitement through you. Even through the nerves, Justin loved each and every moment, relishing the time until he could see his beautiful bride.

And man, when he saw Ronda, you could see Justin’s heart melt in the absolute best way. The moment they said “I do,” the instant that Ronda and Justin kissed to seal the deal, you could see their love shine through. It was clear, too, from how their loved ones talk about them, that their romance has touched everyone around them. Justin’s dad talked about how Ronda instantly became part of the family when Justin was unable to go on a trip to Mexico, only for Ronda to roast him right away. Ronda’s maid of honor told everyone about how Ronda brings sunlight wherever she goes, and it only intensified with Justin: the two of them, together, make every day brighter for the people around them.

It’s a clear sign these two were meant to be. Even watching them through their gorgeous sparkler exit, there was nothing clearer to us. We can’t wait to see what life brings them.

Congratulations, Ronda and Justin! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!


Jo + Alli

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