Troon Wedding – Kaitlin + Cameren

Each and every couple has something that makes them unique. Some share playful banter, while others have a love that’s simple and quiet. Sometimes you’ll find couples with a love that looks straight out of the movies or a love that somehow puts everyone around them at ease. 

Before we got to meet Kaitlin and Cameren, it was apparent just how radiant their love is. We were able to Skype them to plan everything, and there’s something about their romance, a singular energy that enriches everyone around them, that we could feel even through the computer screen. When it was time to get ready for their Arizona wedding, that radiance only intensified.

Kaitlin had a beautiful rental where she got to relax with her family and girl squad, kicking back with some cocktails by the pool and taking in the stunning desert view. Kaitlin’s bridesmaids had dusty-sage dresses, blossoms in the middle of the Arizona landscape. They complemented Kaitlin’s perfectly-fitted gown! Scottsdale’s Troon Country Club wedding venue was gorgeous, but it had nothing on Kaitlin!

Meanwhile, Cameren and his groomsmen got to swap jokes and keep the atmosphere light while getting themselves ready, pulling on their picture-perfect tuxes. It was up to the groomsmen to remind Cameren: this is the beginning of the next phase of his life, something to really bask in!

Once it was time for this Arizona wedding to get going, Kaitlin and Cameren made their way to each other for the first look. Kaitlin’s mother and father got to sneak a peek, proud tears in their eyes–it was enough to make us want to cry happy tears ourselves. We thought it was the perfect time for waterworks… until Kaitlin and Cameren got to lay eyes on each other from across the immaculately, romantically landscaped path. Words can’t quite do it justice, not even as Kaitlin and Cameren shared a quiet moment to read from their handwritten vows and center themselves on such an important day.

The Arizona sunshine is always a double-edged sword. Cameren wore sunglasses during the ceremony, making sure he could keep the sunlight from blocking the view of his beloved bride-to-be. When Kaitlin made her first appearance, ready to walk down the aisle, it was clear that tears were welling up behind the shades. It’s clear just how much these two love each other. The ceremony itself was gorgeous, culminating in Kaitlin and Cameren placing wine in a locked box, a promise to share it together on their first wedding anniversary.

Our favorite touch, though, was something we’ve never seen before: Kaitlin and Cameren didn’t just prepare vows for one another, but statements of love for their wedding party! Each and every member had something dedicated to them, reminding them of how much they meant to Kaitlin and Cameren. It’s easy to talk about how much weddings are about the individual couples, but when we’re faced with a reminder of how many people need to work to support them up to such an important moment, it’s a guarantee that no eyes are left dry.

If there’s anything you take from Kaitlin and Cameren, it should be that reminder of what it takes to make a love work. Everything during a wedding is about the couple, from the cocktails to the cake (theirs was a scrumptious banana-vanilla mix, with cupcakes for the guests!), the dances to heartfelt speeches. Behind every couple, though, is a support network. Romances like Kaitlin and Cameren’s don’t just enrich the newlyweds: they leave their marks on their loved ones, too. 

Love like that makes the world go round. Kaitlin and Cameren are a reminder of that, a reminder that they’re not alone: they have each other, and with the rest of their loved ones, they’ll stand tall together for years to come. We can’t wait to see it happen.

Congrats, Kaitlin and Cameren! We’re so glad we got to work with you, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things come your way!


Jo + Alli 

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