Salt River Engagement – Sarah + Shane

Love isn’t always easy. Even the strongest of couples faces hardship: it’s simply part of life. Without adversity, it’s harder to appreciate the happy parts of life. We make active choices to be with our partners day in and day out, to keep love burning bright. Like Emily Blunt sang in Into the Woods, “if life were only moments, then you’d never know you had one!”

Hard times don’t always have to be huge life problems. Sometimes they’re as simple as a hot day and rocky path, like when we struck out on an adventure for Sarah and Shane’s engagement session at the Salt River in Mesa, Arizona. (Well, it’s part of a few cities and the Tonto National Forest, but you get what we mean!)

If you’ve ever been to Arizona outside of the wintertime, you know it can get pretty darn hot. Our photoshoot was on one of those days, and as amazing as tubing down the Salt River can be, the area itself can be difficult to navigate, with uneven trails and plenty of obstacles. Sarah and Shane, though, proved they can make it through: they helped each other over hills and across rocks to find the perfect shots. Supporting one another seemed to come naturally to them, a true love that’s as automatic as breathing.

The love that Sarah and Shane have really comes through in the photos, too. Sarah picked the prettiest dust-blue dress, making her stand out amazingly in the verdant trees that lined the river. Such a gorgeous green is already otherworldly, especially in the desert, but with Shane’s snazzy getup, Sarah’s ensemble, and how much you can tell these two love each other, their photoshoot turned into something right out of a fantasy movie. They look amazing!

Sarah and Shane have a November wedding planned for the Crowne Plaza, and we just can’t wait to see these lovebirds tie the knot. They celebrate each other constantly and are always there for the other to lean on. 

Thank you for letting us into your lives, Sarah and Shane! We can’t wait to see you again this fall!


Jo + Alli

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