The Wright House Wedding – Amanda + Skylar

Photos may be worth a thousand words, but there’s one word often missing from them: temperature. Some of our favorite photos have actually been taken on days where the Arizona sun makes everything feel like an oven! The old gag from King of the Hill definitely holds true, but only for half the year. Once autumn hits, the Valley of the Sun turns into a sand-swept oasis, cool enough for sweaters and tea without having to worry about sleet and snow. Amanda and Skylar’s wedding at the Wright House was our one of our first fall weddings of 2021, and they couldn’t have picked a better time!

Tiny whispers of wind picked up the sounds and scents of the desert, streaks of clouds dotting the Mesa sky like something out of a painting. The weather made the wedding a perfect Goldilocks scenario; it wasn’t too hot or too cold, but just right, perfect for speaking vows among the sweeping trees, leaning in to listen like Amanda and Skylar were telling them inspiring stories.

Amanda’s group of bridesmaids entered through the vine-covered entrance, passing alongside Skylar and his groomsmen into the fantasy the Wright House creates. We’ve probably worked at the Wright House the most out of any other venue, and it’s always stunned us not just with its beauty, but with the way everyone somehow seems like they’re meant to be there, no matter who it is.

When we saw Amanda and her party laughing together, all clad in matching monogrammed robes, it looked like the most natural thing in the world. The combination of close friends and true love created a kind of magic that shines through in the photos, one that tells us that Amanda and Skylar and their loved ones have a bond that can weather anything that comes their way.

The magic of romance always brings a whirlwind of emotions with it, from joy to excitement to sheer, unadulterated love. The laughter that Amanda and her bridesmaids shared quickly turned to happy tears when everyone got to see Amanda in her wedding dress for the first time. She was an absolute vision of beauty, stepping out from her ready room to take her mother arm-in-arm to share some sweet photos as mother and daughter, two beautiful women with a deep bond every bit as lovely as the gentle love Amanda has with Skylar.

Though men and women aren’t as different as people like to pretend, they definitely bond differently. Where Amanda and her bridesmaids sat back and took time to breathe and chat, Skylar and his groomsmen were all about horseplay, doing everything possible to get each other to smile and hype everyone up for the ceremony. It was obvious that the core of their friendships are the same, though: both groups took the time to share some of the most treasured memories they have that make up their bonds. Skylar even got his groomsmen a gift in the form of monogrammed pocket knives–with as useful as they are, they were the perfect present. (Okay, okay. We admit we got a liiiiittle nervous with the roughhousing and the knives, but if there’s ever a time for “boys will be boys,” that was it. Nobody lost an eye, so it was a definite win!)

Even the gentlest, strongest loves aren’t immune to wedding-day jitters. When there’s so many feelings swirling around, it’s hard to be calm! Skylar was clearly a little nervous as he awaited his first look with Amanda, practically vibrating with eager energy. He was truly blown away when Amanda made her appearance, his huge smile mirroring hers as they realized it was time to take the step they’ve been waiting for. That tender moment is sure to be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

Just like their ceremony itself. Happy tears were the name of the game, from Amanda to Skylar and all their guests. Amanda and Skylar each read personal vows from custom books, laying out their devotion to each other plain for everyone else to see. “I do” was more than a promise: it was a perfectly natural thing to say, an easy evolution of their love for one another.

Amanda’s maid of honor agreed, fighting back tears of joy as she spoke about how amazing Skylar is, how he’s a perfect fit and has been so accepting and devoted to Amanda and her son. When the most important people in your lives give such glowing praise, you know that something’s right.

It seemed only fitting that Amanda and Skylar go from the glowing praise to the glow of sparklers, departing under the fireworks’ light that cascaded down around them as they made their epic exit to their pickup truck to venture out into the night.

Amanda and Skylar ventured out into a new beginning together, and we couldn’t be more excited for them. Congrats, you two! Thank you for letting us be a part of your story!


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