Butcher Jones Engagement – Jessica + Willy

You might not know, but when we start talking to couples about engagement shoots, not all of them know where they want to go. They might have ideas that help us narrow things down, but other times, it’s up to us to find the best location! Whether a couple wants help or knows exactly what they want, it always ends up as a wonderfully collaborative process, one of the best things about photography. Jessica and Willy, today’s couple, knew they wanted their shoot at Mesa’s Butcher Jones.

Willy used to escape to this desert oasis so he could go fishing. According to him, during spring, eaaaarly in the morning, Saguaro Lake would blanket itself in fog, turning the quiet fishing hole into a seemingly mystical getaway. His favorite spot even had a little cove area with a beach, a perfectly tranquil spot.

We couldn’t wait to get there and work with Jessica and Willy to figure out the best shots. While we made our way out to the lake, these two told us their engagement story. During dessert in a cozy restaurant, Jessica got to make a wish over a cupcake’s candle. Willy couldn’t help but ask what she had wished for.

“For everything between us to stay the same forever.”

A pledge to love.

Willy had to make sure he’d heard right, and he asked if that’s truly what Jessica wanted.

Of course it’s what she wanted. Willy knew there couldn’t have been a better time, so he dropped to one knee and asked Jessica the all-important question, leaving her shocked. Jessica caught her breath, but the words that came out were jumbled with so much joy that she forgot to actually say “yes” (she said “are you serious?!”)

(It was a yes, of course. Once Jessica caught up with herself, she took his hand in hers and said that she would absolutely marry him!)

It’s a funny story, but these two just have so much fun together. Sharing love in the sunset, its light scattering over the water, breathtaking mountains in the background, made for amazingly romantic photos. What makes them even better is that fun factor. Jessica and Willy shared jokes, teasing each other while we snapped away. Willy got to share fishing stories and some tales of close encounters with wild animals… leading to more teasing from Jessica.

Shooting with them really was a dream. Some of the shots you’ll see below came from some questionable balancing acts from me and Jo (mainly Jo….okay all the balancing acts were from Jo), but the results really are spectacular thanks to the great love that Jessica and Willy share. They have fun with every adventure they take, laugh about the adventures they’ve already had, and all around just love each other.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your story, Jessica and Willy!


Jo + Alli

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