Phon D. Sutton Engagement – Serena + Nick

It’s officially fall! The leaves may not change here in Phoenix, but we love it anyway–pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, the works. Something else we fell in love with? Serena and Nick’s gorgeous engagement shoot at Phon D. Sutton near Fort McDowell. It was a few days before the official start of autumn, but in our book, the season turns when September hits!

Serena and Nick couldn’t have asked for anything better than the gorgeous blue skies and crisp autumn weather. All of our couples have been more than happy to venture out into the great outdoors to get some memorable shots, but when the weather’s good, it makes everything feel more exciting. This day was particularly exciting, too: the water was the highest we’ve ever seen it go!

Sweet snuggles against the setting sun made for fantastic photos, but we were also delighted when Serena and Nick decided to brave the water for some adorable action shots. These two loved to hold each other close, which looked fantastic on camera, but we won’t lie, it was also for warmth–the water was cold! The way that Serena and Nick reached out for each other made us swoon with how much they care for each other.

When I say Alli and I swooned, in my case, I mean it literally! If our couples get into the water during a photo shoot, I feel like I have to do it too. It’s only fair! And it helps get better photos. I do it so often that our couples and Alli know what I’ll say every time: if I fall, catch my camera.

Things went great. I snapped some great shots, and Serena and Nick kept each other warm while we worked. But getting out of the water, I realized how slippery the rocks were, and I got a sinking feeling it would be my first time falling at an engagement shoot. Even Alli’s steady hand couldn’t save me: down I went! (Maybe we’ll get a photo next time for posterity!) The good news was, the camera was safe–and so were all the pics of Serena and Nick.

Losing such important photos would break my heart on any day, but especially with these two. I’ve been friends with Nick’s older sister Sasha for longer than I can remember. It’s got to have been more than 20 years, considering my younger brother and I used to hang out with the two of them as kids. We practically lived in each other’s houses! So seeing Nick all grown up and taking such a big step, seeing him happy as can be, is truly special for me. It doesn’t just warm my heart–it gives me more hope for the world!

So does their proposal story, honestly. Being fans of romance in all its forms, we can get swept away dreaming of festive flash mobs and epic knee-drops, but the ones that capture our hearts most are the proposals that make it personal.

Every couple has places that are special to them. For Serena and Nick, it’s a park they spent their days hanging out at, one that became their safe haven. It had been a while, so when Nick asked Serena on a picnic date, she didn’t think anything of it.

When she got there, though, Serena found their usual spot studded with colorful flowers, splashes of blues and reds standing out even from far away. As she got closer, she could see that Nick had even decorated the picnic table with plushies to create a scene that could have been straight out of The Little Mermaid, complete with musical cues! It melted her heart before he even asked the question.

It was a reminder, too, of why we love these photoshoots. Our couples have such unique loves, but one thing sticks out to us: they all found each other. Whether it’s love at first sight, longtime friendship blossoming into romance, or former flames that find the right times to try again, like Serena and Nick, they find their way back to each other. It shows that it’s meant to be, to become a romance for the ages. Serena and Nick have that.

You can even see it in their wedding plans. Serena and Nick are looking forward to a home wedding! Homes can be such warm, comforting places that see us through thick and thin, that become truly meaningful. They can be familiar, loving locations to join in marriage. (Not to mention we’ve had the pleasure of shooting some fantastic house weddings, too!)

It’s clear that Serena and Nick have a home within each other, a warm, cozy romance that promises to last. We’re so happy they found each other!

Thank you for letting us into your lives, Serena and Nick! We can’t wait for your wedding!


Jo + Alli

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