Catalina Sate Park Wedding – Allie + Martin

If you don’t know by now, we’re hopeless romantics. Stories of high school sweethearts lasting forever, grand gestures, of love that lasts through the ages… man, those hit us right in the feels. And then thinking about missed connections or secret crushes? There’s so much potential there. Just ask Allie and Martin, our couple for today!

Martin was friends with Allie’s sister, Nichole. Don’t tell anyone, but Allie always thought Martin was cute. Her exact word? “Hot.” (It’s even written on the photo of him in her seventh-grade yearbook!) Nothing ever really came of it, though, and life went on as usual. Until around two years ago. Martin reached out to Allie on Facebook, leading Allie to wonder what on earth the jock from her high school was thinking.

They got to catching up, talking about the craziness of the pandemic and how bad things could get, which led to finding out that they had more in common than they thought, from striving to be healthy and newfound spiritual growth to loving the great outdoors and valuing family and helping others.

So you can probably see how they hit it off. What once was a tweenage crush turned into something truly special. Martin even managed to get Allie on a hike, the well-known Tumamoc in Tucson. At first, Allie wondered why Martin brought her: she was sweating bullets, her face had gone beet-red, and she was barely able to talk, she was so out of breath! Allie knew, though, that she was falling in love, all thanks to how Martin challenged her to grow.

And grow they did! Thinking back to that fateful Tumamoc adventure, Allie and Martin decided to tie the knot at Catalina State Park down in Tucson. After sipping mimosas with her bridal party while they got hair and makeup done, Allie had her first look with her dad. Judging from his expression, seeing his youngest child all dressed up for such an important occasion is something Allie’s dad will treasure forever.

Once Martin and his groomsmen got their boutonni√®res on, it was time for that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Allie’s choice of sunflower decor made it feel like she was gliding through a field of sunflowers as she made her way down the aisle, glowing so brightly that their love could have lit up the entire city. There wasn’t a dry eye around as Allie and Martin exchanged the vows they’d written, gushing about how each other had only made their lives that much better and made them that much stronger.

With the desert sun shining down on them, Allie and Martin’s wedding seemed blessed by the desert itself. For a couple like this that loves the Southwest, there aren’t many higher honors out there.

Congrats, Allie and Martin! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! We can’t wait to see what life brings you, and we know you guys are going to do amazing things together!


Jo + Alli

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