The Clayton House Wedding – Chelsea + Kevin

One thing we try to do as wedding photographers is meet our couples a few times so we can get to know them. The world can be ridiculously busy, though, so that’s not always possible–take Chelsea and Kevin, for example! We didn’t have the chance to even see them via FaceTime, but when we finally got to see them for their wedding at Scottsdale’s Clayton House, we were blown away by their style and grace!

Chelsea and Kevin are both from the Windy City of Chicago. Their paths crossed back in college, but life always steered them in different directions… until they took a trip to Denver together, and the rest became history. (It’s already been more than 5 years!)

Their London engagement story is simply adorable. A typically rainy day left both Chelsea and Kevin shivering, so Kevin made it a point of finding a store for new clothes. Sure, Chelsea thought it was a little strange since they had other clothing to wear, but it wasn’t until a ferris wheel ride that she spotted something odd: new shoes. Kevin’s were fine, so why did he buy other ones?

When he pulled out the ring, he couldn’t even get the question out. Instead, heart in her throat, Chelsea let out a single shout: “SHUT UP!”

Kevin had always acted like he didn’t want to get married, you see. Love finds a way, though, and Kevin even managed to secretly meet with Chelsea’s parents to get their blessing! We see exactly why he fell in love with Chelsea, too. As she got ready with her bridesmaids, she didn’t just have a glowing smile: she set everyone at ease. There’s something about Chelsea that makes her easy to talk to, like you’ve known her for ages. Even as she poked fun at the Arizona heat with her loved ones from Chicago.

She had her first look with her bridesmaids, emerging in her wedding dress to actual factual applause. Chelsea wasn’t just stunning: she was radiant, and the reactions from her loved ones were priceless!

Meanwhile, Kevin got ready with his groomsmen over at the Canopy Hotel‘s rooftop bar, just a moment’s drive from The Clayton House. With a few drinks and plenty of swapped stories, it was obvious how much Kevin and his groomsmen cared for each other–why else would you make the trip to Phoenix from Chicago if you don’t care?

Speaking of trips, soon enough, it was time for Kevin and his boys to make their way to the venue. Under the Clayton House’s shade, among the greenery, Kevin and Chelsea got to take a moment with one another for their own first look, filled with happy tears and the sweetest of kisses. Their secret rendezvous had love swirling in the fall air.

We hadn’t been to The Clayton House before, but the sheer coziness blew us away. Getting ready for the ceremony was like entering a winter wonderland, complete with pine trees lining the venue, starry lights glowing, and hints of pale blue and pine-needle green decking the halls. Christmas movies have nothing on these two, even down to the mishaps!

After the vows were spoken and the all-important “I do”s said, Chelsea and Kevin turned to each other for a sand ceremony, pouring the sand of their time as individuals into a vessel to represent their new union… except the opening was just a smidge too small. (Cue the laughter! They even managed to find a funnel. See? Love finds a way, no matter what.)

Chelsea even shared one of her favorite places with us: the Scottsdale Civic Center‘s garden, a green oasis smack dab in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale. I’ve never been to the spot before, but it made for some amazing shots of the wedding party before it was time for the reception. We’ve got to go back, that’s for sure!

Seeing Chelsea and Kevin share dances together was the sweetest thing, made even better once their guests joined in. With blue signature cocktails (they matched the wedding colors!) and lots of grooving, there was nothing but joy in the room. It was simply amazing, and we’re so glad that Chelsea and Kevin saw their paths converge: they have something special.

Congrats, Chelsea and Kevin! We’re so excited to see what life brings you. Thank you for letting us be a part of your love story!



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