North Valley Garden Wedding – Kristin + Brad

We don’t know about you, but we’ve gotten the “oh no! He’s cute!” vibes around a million times. Plenty of people are attractive, after all. Sometimes, like for Kristin and Brad, you get ridiculously lucky and that cute person turns out to be The One! When we had the chance to do their photoshoot at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, we knew they had something special. Waiting for their wedding at the North Valley Garden was tough, considering how excited we were to see them tie the knot!

It was well worth the wait, though–Kristin and Brad’s wedding was nothing short of breathtaking, from the dress to the smiles, the adorable ready room to the courtyard’s beautiful mixture of desert landscapes and verdant grass. It was such a dreamy backdrop, a great surprise for our first time at the venue!

Kristin shared drinks and laughs with her bridesmaids as they all primped themselves up for the day, getting their hair and makeup on point. Quiet moments like these (or not-so-quiet, depending on the bridal party!) really showcase the bond that our couples have with their loved ones, but in this case, there was a little something extra: Sadie the Goldendoodle! There’s a reason that dogs are considered humanity’s best friend, and we swear, Sadie knew that something exciting was going on. From the moment we saw her snuggled up in Kristin’s lap, Sadie won our hearts.

Kristin’s dress, though, won everyone else’s. She got to share a tender moment with her mom helping her into the dress, but excitement won out. As soon as every button was fastened, screams and cries filled the room, Kristin’s closest friends basking in the glory of seeing her in her wedding dress… you really can’t help but appreciate such a classic, sleek gown, and Kristin looked fantastic in it!

As much as the bridal parties tried to stay separate, there was still a thoughtful reminder of the love that Brad has for Kristin: a personal gift of comfy golf sandals that she’d had her eyes on for ages. It’s not always about the glitz and glamour. Sometimes you just need to pay attention and show that you care–from the joy on Kristin’s face when she opened her gift, we could all see just how much it meant to her.

Brad didn’t get left out, though. While he kicked back in his tux, hanging out with an array of family and friends, he was the picture of class. His mom actually got the first look at him dressed to the nines for the important day, but there was a good reason for that: she had something special straight from Kristin. Brad hadn’t realized it, but Kristin had been sneaking time here and there to create a special gift, an album filled with photos of them: a collection of their love and of the life they share together, memories that they can look back on together and smile about.

Once Brad had fought away happy tears, it got to be time for one of our favorite moments: the first look. We’re always so honored that our couples trust us with such a precious event, and it never fails to hit us right in the feels. Kristin even snuck up and gave Brad a big hug from behind! Kristin and Brad were definitely the stars of the day, but their first look had a special guest. You gotta include your loved ones in your wedding, so why not the four-legged ones?! Sadie was beyond excited to see Kristin and Brad all dolled up and ready to go, if her hyperactive tail-wagging was anything to go by.

She wasn’t the only one, either. With the guests seated and music playing, it was time to finally tie the knot, and everyone there couldn’t wait. Sadie was probably the most excited, though, with her role as the official flower dog! You’d think the ceremony was just for her from the way she shook her leash, running around to greet people as she made her way down the aisle. Of course, the true star of the show (sorry, Sadie!) was Kristin herself, bringing happy tears to everyone as she made her entrance.

Those tears kept flowing as Kristin and Brad spoke the vows they’d written themselves, pledging their love for one another in front of some of the people most important to them. One of the heartfelt speeches we heard during the reception put it best: Kristin and Brad are two full people, but together, they’re also halves that make a united whole. They’re meant to be.

It’s obvious, too. While guests sipped wine, noshed on an elegant dinner, and nibbled on cake pops, Kristin and Brad were nothing but huge, genuine smiles. These two have something truly special, something sure to bring them plenty of joy, and we can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding day, Kristin and Brad! Congratulations! Thanks to you, we’ll dream of country music and White Claws, of lovely Sadie and your dreamy romance. We’re excited to see what adventures life brings you!


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