Crowne Plaza San Marcos Wedding – Sarah + Shane

Living in the desert, we don’t get the same autumn as everyone else. Even cool weather is a treat. That’s part of why we love fall weddings! It’s nice outside, the scent of fireplaces fills the air, and the sunsets are to die for. They can’t hold a fall-scented candle, though, to the beautiful love that Sarah and Shane have! (They totally lit up the Crowne Plaza San Marcos over in Chandler.)

Their wedding day was an absolute dream. It began with Sarah and her closest gals sipping on champagne and swapping stories, filling the room with light and laughter. There was even a special scrapbook had Sarah & her girls sharing tears and smiles in equal amount.

That was kind of the common theme of the day: happy tears. When Sarah did a first look with her dad and her girls, none of them could keep their eyes dry. After all, how often do you get to see someone you love so much get married to the man of her dreams?

Sarah never stopped smiling, though. She was a vision in her bespoke wedding dress, ready to pledge her life to Shane’s. When Sarah began that slow trek down the aisle, it was clear that love was blossoming in Shane’s heart. He had the most passionate tears for his beautiful bride, finally choking them down so he and Sarah could say those magic words to connect their lives forevermore: “I do.”

With the setting sun as the backdrop, Sarah and Shane even poured sand together to symbolize the joining of their lives and their love. Just as those grains of sand can’t be separated anymore, neither can Sarah and Shane!

It sounds like a lot of dramatic romance, but trust us when we say that Sarah and Shane know how to laugh and how to boogie. Their reception was on the second-floor patio of the hotel, complete with fantastic view of the multicolor rays the setting sun sent out. Between cocktails and sweet kisses, Sarah and Shane got to listen to heartfelt speeches, including one from Sarah’s dad. He couldn’t help but start it with a Dad Joke, either: “I’m going to start my speech like the maid of honor. So, I met Sarah 25 years ago! Her mom introduced us.”

The laughter gave way to happy tears, though, just like earlier. It’s not just about the jokes. Sarah’s dad ended his speech by telling everyone how proud he is of his daughter and how he knows she’s going to be a beautiful wife, part of an amazing couple destined for happiness.

We couldn’t help but happy-cry a little, too. Sarah’s dad was right: Sarah and Shane have something to be proud of together.

Congrats, Sarah and Shane! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your love story!


Jo + Alli

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