Lost Dutchman Engagement – Nikki + Nate

December’s upon us, bringing with it plenty of cold weather. With Nikki and Nate, though? They were on fire during their engagement shoot, sharing plenty of sweet kisses and snug embraces that warmed us up just looking at them! Who needs herbal tea or hot cocoa when you’re with such a cute, loving couple? Wandering around the desert of the Lost Dutchman near Apache Junction is always a good time, but Nikki and Nate made it even better.

Honestly, we were super excited for this shoot. If you haven’t had the chance to work with us yet, you might not know that we try to make it a point to meet with every one of our couples before any contracts are signed; after all, how else will you know if we’re the right fit for you? We only had the chance to meet Nate this time around (and we got along great!) over coffee. The engagement shoot was the first time we got to meet Nikki offically. Why? She was actually busy for our first official meeting, being a bridesmaid for another one of our couples, Marinda and Jamie!

Choosing Lost Dutchman was a great idea, with how down-to-earth Nikki and Nate are together. They arrived dressed in a great blend of casual and cute, perfect for exploring the Arizona desert while staying picture-perfect. Both of them were game for just about anything we suggested, and they snuck moments of affection between shots.

Speaking of shots, funny story: their first date was actually a frat party! Since Nikki and Nate went to college together, something about it just seemed right. The game that night was one where you were tethered to someone of the opposite sex, and you weren’t allowed to go free until you finished your drink. Sadly, these two were separated throughout the evening! Nate likes to joke that Nikki was actually his third choice of gal to be stuck with at the party, but it’s obvious to anyone that sees them they’re meant to be, all drinking games aside.

The engagement shoot isn’t the first time they’d been on an adventure together, by the way. It’s actually kind of similar to how Nate proposed to Nikki! They’d decided to take a hike together out in beautiful Sedona, getting fresh air and exercise while they escaped from the heat of Phoenix. What Nikki didn’t know, though, was that Red Rock Country wasn’t going to make just a gorgeous backdrop for their excursion… it was going to be a backdrop for a proposal!

Imagine a secluded trail, nothing around you but trees lit up by the sun’s rays bouncing off the red rock structures that give Sedona its nickname. The hike was just the two of them, a shared exploration of one of Arizona’s most famous areas. Mid-hike, Nate slowed down a bit. Nikki overtook him, and when she turned to see what was delaying him, he was down on one knee. With Mother Nature as witness, Nikki said the all-important word: yes! Yes, she was happy to marry Nate!

It’s such a romantic story that’s so Arizona and so perfect for these two. We love Nikki and Nate and are so, so honored to be shooting their upcoming February wedding, just a few days after Valentine’s Day. You guys are going to have a great February to read about 😉

Congrats, Nikki and Nate! Happy holidays–we’ll see you guys soon enough, and we can’t wait!


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