Villa Siena Wedding – Kaila + Nick

Though the Phoenix area is known for its heat, there are times when our weather can truly be unpredictable. That’s what had Kaila and Nick worried the day before their wedding: the sky was dark and dreary, threatening to soak everything. They woke up to a wedding miracle, though: the rain had pulled the temps to a wonderful, cool level, and the only clouds that were left behind were puffy and picture-perfect.

Speaking of picture perfection, the venue they chose was just as gorgeous as the day itself. Villa Siena in Gilbert doesn’t have a single bad photo spot. With rustic doors, creeping vines, and bright-blooming flowers, Villa Siena was such a romantic location! Who wouldn’t want to tie the knot at a place that looks like that?

Before they got to the ceremony, though, Kaila and Nick had to get ready for the day. To take the edge off and have a good time, Nick and his groomsmen shared some beers as they pulled on their tuxes and helped each other fold their pocket squares. They might not have worn swords the way that Kaila’s dad John had wanted to do (before he was shot down, that is!), but the guys looked straight up sharp!

Meanwhile, Kaila and her bridesmaids had rented an Airbnb to keep Nick from sneaking a peek before the time was right. Well, we say bridesmaids, but Kaila’s side of the bridal party wasn’t just the ladies. She opted for a man of honor! Kaila wanted her best friend, Luis, at her side for the occasion, and Luis was more than stoked to do the job. It’s really clear that Luis and Kaila’s other loved ones get along really well; there was plenty of laughter while they got ready, and we just love seeing friends have a great time together. They even shared a special, tender Champagne toast to mark the day.

Kaila decided not to risk the dress until she got to the venue itself, so once we got there, it was up to Tracy, Kaila’s mom, to get her all zipped up and aisle-ready. She looked amazing in her dress, don’t you think? Especially with the way her dark hair flows down to contrast with the gown!

Of course, plenty of guests were teary-eyed during the ceremony itself. Kaila had included charms on her bouquet to honor those who had passed, making it emotional from the moment she stepped into the hall. Nick probably had the most special reaction of them all–you could see that he was excited, but when Kaila finally made it down the aisle to take his hand, Nick couldn’t hold in the emotion any longer. Kaila, either. Happy tears finally made their appearance, showing everyone just how ready Kaila and Nick were. Nick got ready to hand over the ring, went to see it, and found… a huge, sparkly penguin ring?!

You gotta cut the tension somehow. Kaila’s family has a gag of the best man swapping the ring, so why not use that? It made everyone laugh, and we’re pretty sure it’s safe to say that’s what everyone wants for a big event like this. Share a laugh, share a cry, all of it because of joy. It’s so, so special.

After the ceremony, Kaila and Nick stole a private moment before they made their grand entrance. For an important reason, too… sometimes a big day like your wedding day calls for a costume change. (Especially if you’re a lady. Wedding dresses aren’t always easy to dance in!) Kaila swapped her gorgeous gown for a slimmer-fit dress with pearl straps, perfect for staying cool and getting down.

With the first dances and dinner out of the way, it was time to cut their cake. We also got some lovely speeches, including from John, who swore he wouldn’t cry and (naturally) ended up a mess just a few words in. (He had note cards to keep himself straight, and even managed to get some giggles by writing jokes on the back so guests could see. It was so charming!) Once he was more composed, John got a little more serious, telling Nick that he’s legitimately happy for him to join the family and begin one of his own with Kaila.

Nick and Kaila seem ready to begin their married life, too. There was nothing but joy while they danced with their guests, nothing but love when they had a moment to themselves. Such a gorgeous wedding was the perfect way to kick it all off, and we can’t wait to see where life takes them.

Congrats, Nick and Kaila! Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!


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