Papago Park Engagement – Jaki + Steven

You know the saying about how dogs are man’s best friend? We think it’s pretty true. Dogs are full of love and loyalty. Watching them explore new places and experience new things is special (it’s funny how that overlaps with our kids, too, isn’t it?). Their Papago Park engagement shoot in Phoenix/Tempe wasn’t the first time we’d met Jaki and Steven. Man, were we excited to see them again!Their dogs, Duke and Daisy, are absolutely adorable!

The morning was windy, and there were clouds in the sky, so when we all arrived, we were a little worried about how chilly it was. We shouldn’t have worried, though: these two were on fire! You should have seen the way they smiled at each other, giggling between shots and putting their all into every pose. Jaki and Steven had a great time just loving each other as we explored, and we really love it when our couples make their shoots their own. It makes for some really dynamic, fun photos!

You know what’s less fun for a lot of people, though? Work parties. The words are practically opposites! So it’s pretty normal to try and find someone to talk to and make the event a bit less boring. When Jaki and Steven found each other and decided to make it through their work shindig together, there was more to it than just that. There was a spark. Jaki felt it hard and decided to go the brave route, getting to know Steven until she thought the time was right.

And when it was? Jaki took the chance and asked Steven on a date. Flash forward a year, and they’re engaged! These two are so totally in love that it only made sense. Steven wanted to be the one to take the chance this time around, though, and the perfect proposal came to him. Something that was special, but familiar. Cozy, but fun.

A backyard picnic.

Spending time with Daisy and Duke and each other with full access to anything they need, yet a bit out of the ordinary and under the big blue sky. (He even thought to catch it on video!) Steven knew it would be perfect for Jaki.

And he was right: Jaki said yes, of course! They’re planning for some extra-special guests, too–Daisy and Duke themselves. You have to have your best friends at your wedding, after all.

It’s such a cute story. Jaki and Steven really radiate their love and have as much fun as they can with it. It makes us feel happier just seeing how happy they are together. Who wouldn’t want a love that can do that?

We can’t wait to see you guys at your wedding, Jaki and Steven! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your story!


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