Villa Tremeda, Costa Rica Wedding – Fabi + Patrick

Did you have a chance to read our post about Fabi and Patrick’s amazing engagement shoot in Costa Rica? If not, go check it out! We’ll wait 😀

Done? Perfect! Now that you’re a little familiar with Fabi and Patrick, hopefully, you’re excited to hear about their wedding story. I know I was excited! This was a little different from the weddings that Alli and I usually work. Like I’d mentioned before, I’ve known Patrick for years and we’ve become prettyyyy close, so he and Fabi wanted me to do something special this time: kick back and relax!

Specifically, what Fabi and Patrick said is that they wanted me to enjoy myself. So that’s what I did! In the morning, my friend Danielle and I got ready on our own time, and I even slipped into a dress instead of normal work wear. When I got to the hotel, though, it was time to buckle down… at least a bit.

If I’m being honest, even when I’m working at a wedding, I have a lot of fun. It’s something that comes with loving my job. Having the chance to pull back a little let me spend more time with Fabi and Patrick and really see how much they love each other. When I got to their hotel, I got to snap some photos while they started getting ready, and it was great to see how well the wedding party got along.

Of course, after a while, it was time for Patrick and Fabi to split up and finish preparing, so I got to spend some time with Patrick and his groomsmen and some of their guests. They had a lot of fun together, joking around and reliving things they’ve been through together. It feels a lot like, when the soon-to-be newlyweds have such strong bonds with their wedding parties, you can really tell that the wedding is bringing together more than just two people. More than just family members, too. Weddings like this connect so many people for such lovely occasions. I can’t help but think back to the day Patrick came back from another wedding to gush to me about meeting Fabi, you know?

He still gushes, too. He and Fabi are so so so so clearly in love. When they made their debut after getting ready, between being dressed to the nines and having such a fun dynamic, they took everyone’s breath away. And they never stopped smiling! If they were nervous, you’d never know it, and even though the weather was… let’s go with “overcast.” (It’s a bit of an understatement.) Even though the weather was overcast, nothing could rain on Fabi and Patrick’s parade.

Their smiles, their upbeat attitudes, their love? It all felt like it spread through the rest of us. So many guests cried happy tears and laughed through them throughout both the ceremony and reception. Fabi and Patrick cried, too, with nothing but joy. It really was a day that nobody there will forget, not just because weddings are important, but because Fabi and Patrick have something special.

I’m so honored to be a part of their journey into this new chapter of life, especially in such a special way. I love them both, and I hope that this post made you smile if you’re reading it. Patrick and Fabi make me smile, so I want to pass some of that on to you. (And I hope to hang out with them again soon!)

Thank you, Fabi and Patrick, for letting me be a page in your story. Also, congratulations! I bet life has a lot of goodness in store for you, and I can’t wait to see it.


Jo (and Alli!)

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