Papago Park Engagement – Beth + Chris

Sometimes, online dating can lead to an un-pho-gettable romance!

Forgive us for the pun. We couldn’t help ourselves. See, today’s couple, Beth and Chris, love pho. (So do we!) A big bowl and a nice drink sounds like the perfect meal to them. When these two met on Bumble, they found they had a lot of differences. She likes romcoms, but he likes action movies, for instance. Tasty drinks and pho, though? They really can bring you together!

It couldn’t be more obvious that Beth and Chris enjoy being together, either. When we met up with them at Papago Park for their engagement shoot, it was fun from the moment they got out of their car. With a light breeze giving Beth’s hair a playful look to match her flowing dress, it felt like Beth and Chris were born for the camera together. Some couples have a ton of fun hamming it up, and others have a great time but need a little encouragement.

Beth and Chris, though, were total naturals. Everything they did felt like something they’ve done for years, down to the desert snuggling. While we snapped away, they told us about how they got engaged last May, how Chris proposed over wine. At a wine tasting, specifically. Like we said, there’s something about a good drink that brings people together. For some, it’s love of Coke. For others, it’s a classy wine tasting that’s the perfect time to pop the question.

Though we have to admit something… this New York-bound couple miiiight be already married. It’s no wonder they feel so natural together! They still wanted to celebrate, though, and they plan on doing a vow renewal with friends and family, too. We’re excited to meet their loved ones—people who can share a bond so deep, so special, and also so low-key must have an amazing support system behind them, and we can’t wait.

Until then, we’ll just sit back and appreciate how easy everything came to Beth and Chris. They give off nothing but calm, lovely vibes that just make you feel at home, and we’re so glad we got to meet them! Congrats, Beth and Chris!


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