Payson Engagement – Bre + Kirk

With the dreaded Arizona summer here, what better way is there to celebrate an engagement than beating the heat? That’s exactly what we did with today’s couple, Bre and Kirk! Payson gave us a break from the hot weather and was a gorgeous backdrop for their engagement shoot.

Honestly, we were all a little worried when we first arrived. It started to rain on the drive up. Don’t get us wrong, we love the rain, especially in forested areas like Payson, but it can really put a damper on photoshoots. Luckily for Bre and Kirk, the showers stopped as we arrived, leaving us with some amazing mid-70s weather. Bre and Kirk’s adorable daschund Slash certainly enjoyed running around in it!

Bre and Kirk’s first date sounded perfect to us, just listening to music together and spending time with one another. Neither of them looked back after that. It sounds nice and calm, right? You’d think they have something low-key together. They’re such a sweet couple, but behind the easygoing first-date story, Bre and Kirk have a love that’s true. Every time they looked at each other, there were twinkles in their eyes that showed an amazing, deep, passionate love.

You can tell they know each other really well, too. Not just during our photoshoot, but in their engagement story, too: Kirk planned to propose to Bre, but she figured out right away that he was up to something. (Of course, he still popped the question, which is how we got here today!)

From the way they had fun posing and making eyes at each other, it’s pretty clear that Bre and Kirk are meant to be. Lovely pup Slash seemed to think so, too, even hopping in for a few photos with them. We really can’t wait for their May wedding — it’s going to be such a beautiful day in the mountains and the best place to join two lives together.

Congrats, Bre and Kirk! We can’t wait to see you again!


Jo + Alli

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